Your Helpful Guidance to Standard EICR Certificate Cost

EICR is the shortened form of Electrical Installation Condition Report. At present it is a legal binding for every landlord in England who privately rent out his or her property. Basically it is an inspection that carried out with an objective. The objective is to ensure a given property is safe for tenants from the electrical aspect. From technical perspective, an EICR is the best possible way to make sure the electrical system of a given property is perfectly functioning and is absolutely safe to use. It is important that the inspection or test be performed by the right person. Incompetent people doing the test are always risky and dangerous.

Who is competent to carry out an EICR in your property from the eyes of law? This is indeed a valid question and the right answer will be most helpful for myriads of folks out there. At the same time it is also important to discuss what are attributes landlords as well as letting agents should search for in an EICR service provider.

The right skills qualifications to conduct an EICR

Regular inspection of electrical installations at routine intervals is an excellent way to maintain your electrical system in sound health and condition. Moreover the approach also helps maintaining compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). As a manager or owner of a business though you are not legally obliged but yet it is definitely recommended that you avoid any non compliance with electricity inside your premise. If any untoward incident occurs injuring your staff or visitor the matter can dent your insurance cover.

On the other hand as far as landlords are concerned, an EICR is a legal necessity at least every five years. It is because of this timeline factor that government included additional instructions about who can carry out an EICR. But here is a surprising note of element! There is legal requirement involved about who can conduct an EICR. The government only wants a ‘qualified and competent’ entity to carry out the said inspection. The entity can either be an individual or a company.

‘Qualified and competent’ – electrical safety inspection

When performing electrical safety inspection is concerned the clause ‘qualified and competent’ has quite a broad definition. The government has some suggestions for landlords in this regard. They should checkout whether a so called ‘qualified and competent’ entity is a member of a competent person scheme. Alternatively landlords can also ask ‘qualified and competent’ entities to certify their qualifications, experience, competence and insurance coverage. 

The question that stands out is quite simple but meaningful. Is that really sufficient to ascertain whether someone is really trustworthy to do an EICR for a property that you own or manage? Make sure to hire only registered electricians to carry out an electrical safety inspection. This way you can avoid a lot of unnecessary risk. Registered electricians are competent enough to understand the appropriate periodic codes for an electrical safety inspection. 

An EICR boosts confidence level knowing that the electrical system of your property is safe and functioning smoothly. Moreover an EICR also attests compliance with relevant regulations.  As far as reality is concerned, you should better be looking much beyond basic competence and qualifications to provide a thorough visual and physical assessment of your electrical components.

Finding a competent person to conduct an EICR

While looking for a reliable and competent electrician to perform an EICR you should look out for the following three attributes –

Experience and exposure – a qualified electrician who possesses several years of experience and exposure of working in the industry should be a more likely candidate to carry out an EICR for you. But before hiring take your time to go through their reviews and testimonials. 

Knowledge or core competence – your preferred electrician chosen to provide you with an EICR service should know the BS 7671 standards like the back of his palm. Moreover the candidate should possess complete working knowledge on certain regulations, namely the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Necessary accreditations – in order to secure your complete peace of the mind it is best to hire an accredited electrician to carry out an EICR. The NICEIC and the Electrician Safety Register require no introduction in the UK. Both these organisations are a major mark of trust for any electrician or electrician services company to conduct an EICR. On the other hand the SafeContractor provides considerable assurance that inspectors are doing their job in accordance with the existing health and safety legislations.

It is relevant mentioning in the ongoing context that every electrician who works for the Electric Works London is registered with the NICEIC. In addition to that we are approved by the Part P Electrical Safety, NAPIT, City & Guilds Qualified and many other eminent bodies.

As a landlord your duty of care to ensure employing skilled and sound tradesmen to maintain your electrical system can never be disputed. But a lack of competence anywhere within the loop may hold you liable in the eyes of law.

EICR performed by our registered and insured tradesmen

At the Electric Works London we have a team of fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced electricians to provide you with a reliable and trustworthy EICR service. We make sure the entire process of carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report for all your properties is as seamless and smooth as possible. As professional electricians our priority is to ensure your properties comply with the regulations.

Our EICR cost

We quote a nominal price for our seamless and reliable EICR service. The exact cost is never uniform and rather depends on few factors like the following –

  • The age of a property – older a property the costlier is the service. This is because older properties need more careful and thorough inspections.
  • Property size – the larger a property obviously the costlier is the service.
  • Property type – any industrial facility centre requires more detailed examination compared to a residential one.
  • Property location – EICR for properties located within city limits is always costlier.
  • Agreed testing level – a thorough and detailed testing is always better but it may not be feasible everywhere or in every circumstance. When our electricians inspect only certain areas of a property the EICR cost is lower. But that often does not give a comprehensive picture of the overall condition of an electrical system.
  • Condition of an electrical system and its accessibility factor – if your electrical system proves difficult to access, we quote a higher price. Even if your electrical system has deteriorated substantially over the years, we may also quote a slightly higher price for your EICR.
  • The number of circuits and consumer units – the greater number of circuits and consumer units the higher is the EICR cost.

The average EICR certificate cost for a two bed flat that we quote ranges between £140 and £200. Contact us today and book our service to avoid the lengthy waiting queue.

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