What is the Better Choice for You Between Carpet and Tile?

You need to replace your old flooring, but you can’t decide between carpet or ceramic tile because they are two very distinct flooring options. Which one is ideal for your home?

You want to be sure that you pick the best choice before taking out your wallet and investing your hard-earned cash on new flooring. We have gathered all the data you require to make the best option for your household rather than requiring you to spend hours browsing the internet or speaking with the salesperson at your neighborhood home improvement store.

This article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of carpet versus ceramic tile. To determine where this flooring excels and where it fails, we will contrast each type side by side in five essential categories.

Which one is the less expensive? Which is ideal for a home with kids and animals? Go through the blog to see the answers to these commonly asked questions.

Comparative Factors considered before choosing the Ideal Flooring for your Home 


Ceramic tile is the most resilient type of flooring. Although it can crack, it is rare if the flooring is appropriately placed.

Spilling liquids on ceramic tiles is not an issue since it is water-resistant. Because of this, it is perfect for installation in spaces with high levels of moisture or humidity, like your bathroom.

Carpet, especially high-pile flooring, can look worn with time. Although stain treatments can be applied to the carpet when it is first laid, spills may still cause carpets to discolour.


There is no question that carpet is the better option in terms of comfort. It is fluffy and soft, and it is comfortable to walk on. It won’t get chilly like other types of flooring, so you won’t be surprised when you get out of bed and place your feet on the ground in the morning.

On the other hand, ceramic tile is very tough. Even though this hardness works to its advantage by making it incredibly durable, it can also be quite uncomfortable. Anyone with knee, joint, or back problems may find it particularly challenging.

Moreover, ceramic tile makes for a cold floor. To warm up your tile, you can employ under-floor heating alternatives.


The carpet may be pretty easily cleaned every day. A carpet vacuum can be used to collect dirt and debris. When you don’t feel like carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner around with you when you clean, a carpet sweeper is useful equipment to have on hand.

The carpet can collect pet dander and hair if you have dogs. To reduce pet hair and dander on your floors, you should get a vacuum cleaner designed exclusively for homes with pets.

The process can be a little more challenging, but the flooring is still washable if you require a deeper clean. You can buy stain removal products to remove the majority of the carpet. You can also lessen stains by using a carpet protector when installing the carpet.

You can use a wet tile mop and a mild, non-abrasive cleaning when the tile becomes extremely unclean. You might need to clean the grout with a soft brush if it is filthy. There are products designed specifically to remove stains from grout. Alternatively, you may repaint the grout.

Despite the ease of washing both types of flooring, tile wins out. Ceramic tile may be kept at its best with only a short sweep with a broom and mop because it does not discolour. 


For many households, carpet is a cheap alternative. Depending on the style of carpet you select, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from 3 CAD to 9 CAD per square foot. 

Keep in mind that this price only covers the cost of the carpet; it does not include the price of equipment, other materials, or professional installation.

Ceramic tile is slightly more expensive, and prices might differ greatly. Ceramic tile can cost as little as 3 CAD per square foot or as much as 40 CAD per square foot. The tile’s size, design, and brand are some variables that affect the price.

Cost of installation 

The cost of hiring a professional carpet installer is reasonable. Installation costs typically range from 2 CAD to 4 CAD per square foot.

You’ll have a large challenge if you decide to do the work yourself. 

You’ll also need extra instruments, such as a knee kicker, for a professional carpet installation. A power stretcher is also used to stretch the carpet after it has been measured, trimmed, and installed, together with carpet padding.

Although you may rent these items from your neighbourhood home improvement store by the day or week, they can get pricey.

Ceramic tile installation costs about 7 CAD per square foot, which is more than professional carpet installation.

You should be ready to get your hands dirty since installing tiles may be messy. You’ll also want specialised equipment, such as a wet tile saw. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars buying your own, you can usually rent those.

Because it can be challenging to install carpet and ceramic tiles, most homeowners choose to engage a professional to do the task.

Which is preferable, a carpet or tiles?

Carpet is a soft, cosy, and incredibly economical flooring option. It’s perfect for people with young children and animals. Although carpet is resilient, it can eventually shred, stain, and show signs of wear. A carpet won’t be the best option if you have allergies because it might collect dust and pet dander.

Each sort of flooring needs to be cleaned every day. Carpets are susceptible to water damage, whereas tile is waterproof. While carpet needs to be replaced every 25 years, tile can last between 75 and 100 years. Your lifestyle and your financial situation will determine which of the two you choose.


All said and done, ceramic tile is an excellent option if you want flooring that will endure for a long time, is easy to maintain and can be used in damp, humid areas like bathrooms. 

On the other side, a carpet is a fantastic option if you’re searching for soft, more comfy, economical flooring. Most rooms, including living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms, are excellent candidates for this flooring.

Now it’s up to you which one would you like to go for. However, be absolutely sure of your choice before you get an expert to do the flooring job.