Ways to maximise the effectiveness of birth control pill


Birth control pills, also known as contraceptive tablets, offer couples the privilege of staying away from the stress of unwanted pregnancies. It gives them the freedom to take control over the crucial decisions of family planning as well as the sufficient time they need to step into parenthood.  

One thing to note here is that the effectiveness of oral contraceptive pills is dependent on the consistent regimen of taking pills on time. Not just this, but there are other factors that might affect the success of preventing pregnancy by using birth control tablets. 

To help you gain better clarity on the same, we have discussed how couples can ensure the effectiveness of birth control pills with the help of some simple ways.  However, before that, let us understand why birth control pills are one of the best options to prevent an unexpected pregnancy.

Why birth control pills?

Whether a newly married couple or parents who plan to space their next child, birth control pills are a suitable option for everyone. The best part is that birth control pills have a lot more to offer than preventing pregnancy. This include:

  • They are simple to use
  • Pills are highly effective
  • Pills are reversible
  • They help to regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Pills provide peace of mind to couples
  • They make periods less painful
  • Pills help to banish hormonal acne

 Apart from the aforementioned benefits, birth control pills offer couples the opportunity to explore their sexual desires without worrying about unexpected outcomes. In particular, women who want to prioritise their professional lives find that oral contraceptive tablets give them a sense of being in charge by delaying pregnancy. 

Tips to maximize the effectiveness of contraceptive

Doubting the effectiveness of birth control methods is common for couples. But not to worry. Here are some ways to ensure that your contraceptive pills will work as expected:

Taking pills on time

Sticking to your contraceptive routine plays a crucial role in reducing your chances of birth control failure. Especially in the case of oral contraceptive tablets, it is essential to take pills regularly to ascertain that they are not going to deceive you.

However, many women often face difficulties in remembering their pill schedule due to how often they miss taking them. A simple solution to avoid this problem is to set pill reminders on your phone or any other gadget so that you do not miss taking pills.

Limiting alcohol intake

Although alcohol has no direct effect on birth control methods, it can still disrupt your routine of taking the contraceptive pill. If you are drinking or intoxicated, it increases the chances that you might forget to take your pills on time or lose track of them. 

Or in some unfavourable circumstances, you might fall sick, like vomiting, etc. This can also affect your pill-taking schedule. Thus, avoid drinking too much to stay well and skip falling sick. 

Consulting a doctor

Many couples are confused about when and how to take the pills. As a result, they end up taking pills without proper information, and this enhances their chances of following the wrong schedule. Though there are pills like unwanted21 days oral contraceptive tablets that come with complete dosage information which is easy to understand. But, if couples are not sure, it is always best to consult their doctor.

Using birth control methods to prevent pregnancy is a choice for individuals. Choosing oral contraceptives is the most preferred method because it is effective, simple and affordable. However, remember that with pills, you have to be careful about the schedule and not miss taking the tablets to ensure maximum effectiveness.