The Spiti valley trek details



Himachal is a land of natural beauties, tied along all across the landscape to leave you in awe. Among all, Spiti is one of the most magnificent destinations to travel to. 

The word Spiti means “the middle land”, hence it is a connection between Tibet and India. It is perched in the land of the almighty Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in the northeastern region of the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The Spiti valley incorporates the valley along the Spiti river and also incorporates the valleys of other rivers that feed into spiti. 

Some of the leading ones include the pin valley and lengthy valley. This valley is among the slightly populated places. Spiti is one of the most peaceful places in India. The Spiti valley is adjoined by Ladakh on the east, on the west and southwest by Lahaul and the southeast by Kinnaur, and on the south by Kullu. Its natural beauty is mesmerizing and eye Catchy that attracts many trekkers.   

The best time to visit Spiti valley

Spiti valleys have chilly desert weather. The best time to visit the Spiti valley is from May to October. Spiti can be toured in warm summer through Manali and Shimla. During winter the Manali route is closed due to excessive snowfall. Still, it is available from Shimla. Travelers can even enjoy some snowfalls here. And the weather is fascinating mostly to enjoy some outings.

Trekking at Spiti Valley

Trekking is an adventurous activity that will provide peace to your soul. The trails at spiti are unparalleled and are best suited for adventure lovers. The challenging landscape will give you an enthralling feeling and tranquility at the same time. 

Spiti valley trekking perched at an altitude of 4000 meters is a perfect model of surrealism amongst nature. The Spiti Valley trekking involves severe walking along hazardous mountain paths, reconciling dangerous roads, and staying with the locals which will help you to learn the diverse ethics and culture of the place. The trekkers will find themselves amid nature’s sojourn comprising beauty, perseverance, and thrill, all at once while trekking at Spiti valley. 

The duration of the Spiti Valley trekking period is 55 km (approximately) commencing from Langza and halting at Hanover for 5 days. Spiti Valley road trip is a remarkable excursion in the prominent Himalayan mountains. Approximately 13.5 km is traveled by cab and the rest 41.5 km is done on foot by trekkers. 

While trekking Spend some time exploring the villages that serve as a base camp for numerous Himalayan treks.

Some of the most popular and beautiful trekking sites at Spiti valley are:-

  • Chandratal lake trek
  • Kanamo peak trek
  • Bhabha pass trek
  • Parang la trek
  • Hampta pass trek etc.

Camping at spirit after trekking and enjoying a campfire in the chilly weather there is one of the major attractions of the place. This picturesque destination is best to get away from all the humdrum of life and enjoy some quality time with yourself in the lap of nature.

The difficulty level of the trek

Spiti boasts of adverse weather that is accentuated by the fact that it hardly receives  250 days of sunshine in a year, which also implies that Spiti in winter is intense. At the high altitudes of Spiti Valley, trekkers can even experience acute mountain sickness. Therefore, before going to the spite valley trek prepare yourself physically and mentally to adhere to and enjoy the trekking atmosphere at Spiti. 

 Activities at Spiti valley

Spiti valley is the most well-known sightseeing spot in the northern Himalayas. There is a substantial number of activities that are enthralling and that you can get a kick out of in the lap of nature. 

You can go river rafting at Spiti valley to attain some adrenaline rush and enjoy the rapture and adventure amidst the wild waves. You can even relish some waterfront camping at Spiti, this will give you an incredible experience.

Visit’s highest post office which is placed in Spiti valley. You can stop by the local villages and rejoice and learn something new about their historical traditions and cultures. Relish some local cuisines and even shop in local markets to carry souvenirs back as a memory of the place. There are multiple activities and explorations to relish in the peaceful Spiti valley.


If you are looking forward to some harmony and tranquility away from the humdrum of vigorous life, Spiti valley is the place to pay a visit. The place is full of marvels and joy and at the same time, it has abeyance and peace which will refurbish your soul and mind and give you the best memories to treasure.