The Best Graphic Design Programs in India

The advantages of learning graphic design in India.

As mentioned above, it is important to know your options before enrolling to a graphic design course in India or abroad. A good graphic design course will provide you with up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends in the profession, so students can find jobs and gain good ground in the profession quickly. There are also online courses offered by many educational institutions in India which offer both printed and digital textbooks. 

With this, you can learn at home anytime without worrying about transportation or other problems that may arise during class time. With four most popular cities—Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata—students from across South Asia and Africa can choose from several institutions offering graphic design courses with low fees.

Which graphic design course is best in India?

The graphic design course you choose will depend on what your objective is. Are you looking to enter the field of graphic design? Then, choosing a course in a university in India would be best. On the other hand, if you are interested in creating a logo for your company or designing book covers, then an online course would help you more.

Aspiring graphic designers can learn to create layouts and designs through instructional videos and interactive tutorials available on Youtube. Once the basics are learned, students can view projects created by professional graphic designers like those featured on Dribbble and Behance.

following are the best Graphic Design Programs 

1. Anna University

Anna University offers Graphic Design courses in various locations of India. The courses are divided into 2 semesters. You can go for a full-time course or take it as a part-time course. In either case, the course lasts for 5 semesters with a total of 30 credit hours. After completing this course, you will be able to design posters and book covers and also print them out at home or publish them on the internet.

The selection of faculty members is based on their academic background and experience in the field of graphic design. Therefore, you have highly qualified lecturers to guide you through the process of designing your projects at the best possible level.

2. National Institute of Design (NID)

The National Institute of Design is located in the city of Ahmedabad and it is considered to be one of the top design institutes in India. The institute has a remarkable track record for producing some of the most skilled graphic designers in India. The teachers are all professionals, who have worked in the field for several years and are well-versed with the latest techniques used in this domain. Plus, there is a proper system to help you get placed after you graduate from this course since NID has been associated with all leading design organizations across India.

NID is also associated with various organizations to help you get a job in the field of graphic design if you wish. After graduation, you don’t just get a job, but also a host of career counseling and guidance to help you up your career.

3. Pantheon Institute of Design Studies (PIDS)

PIDS is one of the most prestigious graphic design institutes in India. The institute was established in 1991 and has since then, produced some very talented designers. Besides that, the course curriculum is designed to reflect the latest trends in the industry and hence is quite current and up-to-date. The institute also has a very strong internship program which helps students get a job within the industry when they are done with the course. The college has been associated with top design organizations like Saatchi & Saatchi and is considered to be one of the best graphic design institutes in India.

4. Faculty of Design (FOOD)

FOOD is one of the top rated graphic design institutes and has produced some of the best designers in India. The institute has a very strong internship system that helps students land a job immediately after completing their course. The courses are divided into 4 semesters and anyone who is interested in taking up this course must have completed Class XII to join the course. The fee structure for this course is quite reasonable and affordable for all students, making it one of the best graphic design courses in India.

5. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS)

For anyone who wants to study design from a management perspective, SCMS would be an ideal choice. The course is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in graphic design and business management. SCMS has a very strong exposure to corporate culture and teaches students how they can use the knowledge they gain through their course in the real-world. The course is divided into three semesters and requires the candidate to have completed Class XII. SCMS also has a very strong internship program, which helps students get placed in some of the leading organizations after graduating from this institute.