Due to the busy schedules and heavy work. Nowadays people are not getting enough time to work on themselves and explore the time. We all should agree that money is one of the essentials to living on this expensive earth. In case you just got tired and your heart is on the track. 

Then, we are here to suggest one of the most amazing places on earth to explore with a low-cost budget. It is Spiti Valley. As it sounds cute and small but it is fond of many beautiful places. So, without any delay let’s get into it and explore this valley and find out whether it is as tiny as it sounds.


Most of the beautiful places are located in Himachal Pradesh. You can visit this place via Manali or Shimla based on your commitment and perspective. So, reaching via Manali is sometimes quite challenging because of their roads and also we don’t know the exact time it will be open. So, it is advisable to reach Spiti valley via Shimla. It is a tiny and remote valley in Himachal Pradesh. Care should be taken while traveling to this valley. 


It is located in the lap of the Himalayan mountains. It is situated at a height of 12,499 ft. Its borders are Ladakh, Tibet, and Kullu valley.


  1. Chandratal Lake

It is one of the beautiful lakes which has the shape of a crescent moon. It has the highest rating. So, it is advisable to visit it. It is located in Lahaul and Spiti districts. It has a height of 14107 ft.

  1. Key Monastery

Key Monastery is also known as Ki Monastery. It is located in the Lahaul and Spiti valleys. It is situated at a height of 13667 ft. It is a famous Buddhist Monastery and has a great history. It completed its 1000 years in the year 2000.

  1. Kunzum Pass

It is also known as Kunzum La. It is known for its motorable mountain passes. It is located at a height of 14932 ft above sea level. You can witness the second-largest glacier in the world, Bara-Shigri from above the top of the mountain.

  1. Pin Valley National Park

It is famous for Himalayan snow leopards and Ibex. Also, the red fox, chukar, bearded vulture, and many more. Foreign tourists are not allowed at this park. It has more than 20 species of Flora and Fauna.

  1. Suraj Tal

It is the third-largest lake in India. It is also called ‘The lake of the sun god’. It is a sacred lake. Also, many photographers come to this place as it is the most fascinating and beautiful lake and it is situated below the Baralacha pass. So, many trekkers and bikers often visit this place as it is below the trekking place.

  1. Dhankar Monastery

It lies in between Tabo and Kaza. It is situated at a height of 3375 m above sea level. 

  1. Kaza

Kaza is famous for its restaurants. Here you can find ATMs, post offices and petrol pumps. From here, you can reach places like Langja, Hakim, and Komik. 


1: Here we are suggesting via Shimla for the reasons mentioned above. So, from Shimla, we are reaching Reckong

2: From Reckong to Kaza

3: Here we are visiting some famous places like Langza and Komik

4: Visiting Key Monastery

5: Visiting Dhankar for Trekking and also staying at Pin Valley 

6: Kaza is famous for shopping. So, it’s up to you.

7:  Visiting some famous places based upon the route map

8: Visiting Sangla and Chitkul


It takes at least 18k to 20k per person. So, it’s best to visit with a group of people to lower the costs.


It comprises little trekking but it ranges from easy to medium.


If you’re planning for a budget trip then it is advisable to group up with people. Grouping with two or more people and planning a trip reduces the budget. A solo trip is also advisable but you have to inform your well-wishers. And carry some food along with you most probably fruits. 

It is advisable to stay connected with the locals because the locals here are well known for their simplicity and friendliness. As it is located in a remote area you have to take care of that. So, make this 8-day trip more memorable and budget-friendly. Good luck.