Imagine you are going to build a rocket to go to the airspace, but you decide to power that rocket win a car’s engine. We all know that is not going to work at all. Now free yourself from everything and turn your thoughts related to your online business. You want to spread your online business worldwide and be a dominant identity among all e-commerce.

However, you choose to host services that do not care about or respect your vision. This is why I am sharing with you what shared hosting and managed hosting will guide you in choosing the right hosting option for you.

It boils down to your efforts and strategies to generate traffic flow and conversions. Your website’s success directly depends upon the right decision of website hosting service. I will first explain what cloud hosting is, its unique features, and then dive deep into shared and managed hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In the Cloud, hosting can access applications or servers using cloud resources. With the help of cloud hosting, we can store our website data across multiple servers. Cloud hosting provides sharing space with other organizations, but all site resources are split across multiple servers to maintain a balanced load.

What are Cloudways?

Two formal engineers of Google founded Cloud ways in 2013. Cloud ways are one of the best hosting providers that offer all types of cloud base services such as enterprise WP Hosting, Managed Vulture, Managed google Cloud and many more. They provide service plans for single users to unlimited users as well.

Features of Cloudways:

Here are some of the prominent features you can find at the Cloudways platform:


Cloud ways provide you with high-quality hosting services at an affordable cost, improving the performance of websites and boosting your site’s speed. The website bandwidth is high enough to support large websites and you can always rely on the uptime of the platform. On top of this, the website uses a custom CMS that allows you to quickly host multiple sites and check their performance on the dashboard.


Clouds provide different security layers to ensure all data users are secured. They make a straightforward security process, which needs only fundamental knowledge to access them. Some security features are

  • Login layer
  • 2FA
  • SSL Certification
  • Special Security Firewall
  • Manage IP


Scalability is a significant factor that helps users grow according to their needs. For example, initially, you start your business with a small hosting plan. Later on, your business grows, and you can increase your hosting plan in just one click.

Ease to use:

One of the top reasons for cloud ways’ popularity is its easy use. With fundamental knowledge, you can use it. The cloudways platform is really user-friendly and comes with all the options predefined to scale the platform to new heights. Plus, they have plenty of integrations for other firms that allow them to keep up to the hype and create an exceptional website without having to worry about performance.


Another way Cloudways ranks as the top managed hosting provider is because of its affordable hosting plans. Usually when it comes to managed hosting. the prices are all the way to the roof. But that’s not the case with Cloudways. Here, the platform keeps it affordable for Small to medium businesses so they can scale their business rather than worrying about the cost.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a web hosting solution where the user can share all the resources of a single server with several websites. Shared hosting is popular in demand because the user can get it at an affordable rate. Many websites are using shared hosting servers because they are getting hosting services at a cheaper rate than managed hosting.

Shared hosting is the best option, especially for starting a new business or startup. You can use these services and keep your expense down.

Benefits of shared hosting:

  • Is an affordable and cost-effective hosting solution
  • The best option to host multiple domains
  • Can easily host even dynamic websites
  • Easy and convenient to self-managed
  • Flexible hosting solution
  • Has no administration issues.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting solution of the website provides users with WordPress website most advanced and powerful technologies to ensure the website is both fast and secure. It continuously checks the user’s website to refrain from any breakdown.

Cloud ways provides managed hosting services to users at an affordable cost. They take care of all hosting issues such as security checks, backup or restoring data, updating, etc. They provide prompt customer service to resolve user problems within no time.

Benefits of managed hosting:

  • Provides data security and protection
  • Is a cost-effective service
  • Has on-demand 24/7 customer support.
  • Offers technical expertise specialists to resolve all user-hosting issues.
  • Has a customized hosting environment
  • 24/7 availability or accessibility to customer
  • Boosts up e-commerce website speed
  • Affordable price options depending on the consumption

Wrapping Up

Choose the correct hosting server to make an impact in the e-commerce market. I used the right approach in this blog to deliver complete information related to shared hosting or managed hosting. I hope this blog will help you choose the exemplary hosting service for your website. For the best option, you can try cloud ways hosting services.

The platform is also available in different regions like Australia, Canada, the UK, and other parts of the world with dedicated servers on each side.