How to work for long hours in an office

work for long hours

work for long hours

Many studies have found that sitting for long periods of time increases your risk for early death and accelerates your aging process. A new study is showing that if you stand for more than two hours, you are likely to feel uncomfortable and prone to having problems with your reaction time as well as your overall mental state. In order to achieve a happy medium, the idea is to find a balance between the two.

Experts recommend taking a short break every 20 minutes and moving around. You can move more at work by following these eight tips.

Move Wherever You Work

Consider setting an alarm on your phone or using a fitness tracker to remind yourself to move more, or you can even use a Post-It note. Make your workstation an exercise zone by squatting, lunging, and lifting your legs. As you’re on the phone, give your body a healthy dose of aerobic exercise while you march in place. Organize a fitness challenge or go old-school and track your co-workers’ progress on a poster and send it to everyone.

Encourage a healthy, happy family

Spend time outside, ideally with your children, when you take breaks from technology. Play a game of tag, take a walk, or see how many jumping jacks you can perform in a minute by competing against the other team.

Make your voice heard

The more calories you burn while standing, the more calories you burn than while sitting. If you are on the phone, you should try to stand up when you are talking. Try setting up your workspace so that a stand-up desk is a part of it, and see if your employer will foot the bill for you if you ask. In order to ease the strain on your back and knees, it is a good idea to alternate sitting, standing and moving.

Enjoy yourself

Change your chair out for an exercise ball, stability ball, or balance fit ball, which will keep you active and help improve your posture while keeping you “moving”. If you are looking for a chair that comes with a ball included, you can find them. In case you have spinal problems, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible. A mini-exercise bike and an elliptical trainer are also available under desks as part of the new product line.

Adapt it to your needs

Don’t use the elevator; instead, use the stairs. Instead of emailing or instant messaging, talk to a coworker on another floor face-to-face. Walk around the office every 30 minutes to clear your head, which will also help you solve problems better.

Don’t give up

Depending on the route you take to get to and from your job, you might be able to walk to work or you might be able to take public transportation that includes a walking route. Using a bicycle not only helps the environment, but you will also be able to maintain your fitness levels. There are many apps out there that can give you information about routes and travel times, like Google Maps. You can sneak in some extra steps into your day by parking your car farther towards the building’s entrance if you do have to drive to work.

Step Out for Lunch

Schedule lunchtime every day on your calendar. When you have a lunch break at noon, consider taking a walk, preferably outside in the fresh air. You should eat for a period of 10 minutes and then use the remainder of your time to exercise your body in this gentle but effective way. Take public transportation or walk to work if there is a walking route available from where you get off the bus or train to where you get off the bus or train. The benefits of biking include helping the environment and improving your fitness at the same time. It is possible to see routes and travel times using apps such as Google Maps. To sneak some extra steps into your day, you should park your car farther away from the entrance of the building if you have to drive to work.

Sit perfectly in chair

You can certainly improve the comfort and productivity of your sitting experience. It’s important to use an office chair that provides good back support. Keeping your back straight and avoiding slouching are also important. If you have pelvic tilt problems in such a situation, we recommend chair For Anterior Pelvic Tilt to enhance your comfort.