How To Make Home A Study-Friendly Place For Students Learning Online?

How do you create a good study space for online learning?

One of the things I always tell my friends who are new to teaching is that it’s important for students who are studying at home to have a study-friendly environment. Students can’t cram in their living room, kids play in the dining room, and your bed is not a desk.

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How To Make Home A Study-Friendly Place For Students Learning Online?

when it comes to learning online, some people say that your study space is only important when you’re taking a test. But remember, learning is an ongoing process and the more you learn, the better you get. You should always try doing a few things to make your home a good place for studying:

Here are some points:-

1. Create a Study Area.

Have your study area well-organized. When you’re working on something, you don’t want to be looking around for your pencil or ruler all the time because it will break your concentration and make you more distracted. So, I suggest that you have a study area where everything is easily accessible.

2. Use Your Friends To Help You Study.

Whether you’re new to teaching or an experienced one, it is important for students who are learning online to use their friends in order to learn more effectively and efficiently; enrich their knowledge; and come up with good ideas on how to best study, which will help students succeed in their courses. You should also encourage your friends to help you by helping them out.

3. Study in a Good Environment.

A good environment is a peaceful one, where you can work on your assignments without any distractions. If you don’t have a private study area, consider studying at the library or in a place where you feel comfortable and would not get distracted easily.

4. Keep a Good Schedule.

I suggest that you keep a good schedule so that you can know exactly when you are going to study and when you will be free from home. Also, being familiar with the way your school works means that you do not need to worry about missing classes because it will be easier for you to study at home than in class.

5. Try to avoid Home Work Duties As Much As You Can.

When it comes to your degree, don’t let yourself fall behind in your studies and always try to stay up-to-date with all of your work so that you can have a better performance at the end of the day.

What makes a good study area?

Your study area should be in a quiet place away from distractions like the telephone, television, and friends. Some people even suggest that for young children this means as far away from the parent’s bedroom as possible! Make sure your chair is comfortable enough to sit on for hours. A good chair will make it easier to maintain your posture, which is important if you’re going to be sitting there for a while. If you are working on an important project that requires a lot of thinking time while writing or drawing, invest in a large comfy desk chair with adjustable back support.

Here are some points:-

Work surface:

A large desk space helps you spread out your materials so that you don’t have to stack them on top of each other. If you are allowed to use a whiteboard or chalkboard, even better!


Good lighting is important. It helps you see what you’re doing and prevents eyestrain. If your study area only has one light source, get a desk lamp! If the overhead lights in your room are too bright and distracting, try to get some tinted bulbs or put up some of that removable cellophane window shade stuff (available at hardware stores).

Keep it clean!

Don’t allow junk to pile up on the desktop — not only does it make your study area look messy but it also can be a real eyesore and stress-inducer when you’re trying to concentrate on work.