How to Create a Happy Classroom

What is a happy classroom?

The whole world has been focused on student achievement for the past few years. That’s not a wrong focus at all, but as any teacher can tell you, there’s more to teaching than just test scores. For example, there is no better feeling than seeing kids excited about what they are learning and happy about the environment. That’s what I want for every student.

There’s a well-known saying: “Teachers make the difference between a classroom and a prison.” 

It’s true that teachers have the ability to turn students into students who are engaged, enthusiastic, and excited about learning. That’s what I want for every child. Sometimes, of course, teachers are lucky to have this. Sometimes they do their best, but the students don’t respond the way they are supposed to. 

How to create a happy classroom?

First of all, a happy classroom needs to be organized. If you are using a traditional classroom layout, this sounds like common sense. But it is not that simple for the teacher who has many classes and works with very different types of students. 

Here are the points:-

1. Make a plan

The first thing to do when you enter the classroom is to plan. Make sure that all materials are in the right place and that the students have everything they need. On the day we started this lesson, I wanted my students to have a good time. We would be talking about Shakespeare’s comedies and the word “comedy” comes from the Greek “kosmos”, which means fun and partying. So I thought it would be cool if we talked about what makes us laugh and then played some funny games afterward.

2. Individualize learning

I thank my students for joining the lesson by making them feel special. There is no single way to get this done, but there is something we can do that will work for our class. I decided to make them into groups according to the kind of subject they were studying. I let the teachers choose their groups, but it would be really helpful if we had a little idea of what subject each person is studying.

3. Give each student a task

When they start their group, they could read out loud all their assignments before starting their assistant lesson, so they have time to prepare and take notes. I also give a list of all the activities they will have to do during the lesson.

4. Keep them busy

I always try to save time by giving each group a task that will allow them to work in groups and use their creativity. For example, we agreed that each group will do a map of London with different symbols for different types of places in London like parks, theaters, and so on. This way, the students could choose what kind not just what place, but could also make some fun games after we discuss Shakespeare’s comedies.

5. Make them work together

You should also give each student a task that will help the group to work as a team. For example, if you let them make a map as I mentioned before, you could make teams of their own category. And then one has to make a map for the rest of the group. The team who makes the best map gets a reward. Another activity could be that you give each student a riddle and the task is for them to guess what it means by making questions and answering them together in groups.

6. Have fun games

I decided to start with some fun games and ask students to guess words by drawing something they associate with that word on an overhead projector. First of all, the students had a great time because it is a very fun game to play. You can guess “bowling” if you draw a bowling pin and this could be fun for the students.

7. Reward them

In the end, I like to say thank you to them by making them into groups again and giving them some rewards that are according to their efforts in our lesson. For example, if any student gets an A on her homework, she will get a share of candies and fruits.

8. Tell them goodbye I always try to end our class without saying goodbye, because I believe that there is nothing sad about our classes ending at all. If we were able to make a happy classroom, our class will never be sad in the first place because we made it interesting and fun.