How much does it cost to develop a classified app in 2022?

classified app


With the continuous evolution in the business industry, advertisements are one persistent thing promoting the business on every level.

Advertisements have played a crucial role in the growth and promotion of a business.

Considering the drastic evolution in businesses, the business is promoted through several mediums such as magazines, newspapers, banners, hoardings, social media platforms, etc.

Now, with technology on our side, the aim remains the same, just with different methods.


With a classified app, one can have a good income without putting additional effort into it. Like investing in other businesses, this could bring in a good sleeping income if the app is developed and maintained efficiently. Therefore, app development would require a leading app development team.

Moving on, let’s understand what it is classified as. 

A classified application can be defined as a vast platform that can help advertise, sell and buy the products offered. All a user needs to do is set up an account on the classified application, engage customers, list the products a user wants to sell, and eventually make a successful deal. Many classified applications are getting popular and changing the processes in the industry. These include Quickr, Olx, Craiglist, letgo, eBay, Cashify, Shpock, etc.

A simple classified app will cost around $15,000 – $20,000, having the most basic features. In terms of cost, you can go as high as $1,00,000, depending on the different features you would want to include. The app development team you choose is crucial in deciding the app development cost. There are many other factors that we will be discussing later on in this article.

Features that should be included in a classified app:

User panel features:

This part includes features such as onboarding, ad posting, searching, sorting,

Push notifications: Push notifications to help the users be notified about the notifications and help them keep themselves updated. 

In-app chat features:

A real-time chat feature would be the most helpful in the application. This part eases the communication process for a user in case they want to provide feedback, suggestions, etc.


Admin panel features:

Admin part would include features such as login, report generation, and different types of management such as payment, user, and listing management.

In-app call:

It would be even better if there was an in-app call feature. Furthermore, this feature helps in enhancing the user’s experience to a great extent. This part could be the best to provide the user with instant communication.


In-app location tracking:

This feature could be highly useful for both the client and the delivery person. It will help the delivery person to find the location of the user. On the contrary, a user can have constant updates about the delivery person’s location.

 It will be an innovative feature if you implement it in your classified app like Craigslist.


Multi-payment gateway:

Multi-payment gateway provides several options for users to select according to their preferred choices. Considering that there are various payment methods and different users have different preferences, it is suggested to include a good number of payment modes.



The content management system can encourage buyers and sellers to utilize the available content on the classified application. For instance, if any service provider wants to add a certain specification or description, they can do that easily.

Factors affecting the cost of app development

Moving on, we will discuss the cost of developing a classified application. Several factors determine the overall cost of developing a classified application. The cost of the basic version depends.

Below are the factors that constitute the cost of developing a classified application.


App Platform: The two most dominant platforms are undoubtedly Android and iOS. If you want to focus on developing an efficient application, you will have to hire dedicated app developers who can build applications to overcome all the challenges.


App UI/UX: User interface and experience are among the most important things. The UI/UX of a classified should be highly engaging and simplified.


Tech stack: Tech stack affects the cost structure of app development to the greatest extent.
Tech stack deals with the determination of tools and technologies that are perfect for every part of the development cycle. 


Complexity: This part deals with the application type and number of features. If the application has high complexity, the app development cost will also rise accordingly. It is really important to analyze the app’s features, aims, and functionalities to choose the right tech stack for commendable app development.


Team size: Again, team size depends on the features and functionalities of the app development. So, a large classified app like Craiglist would require a big team and

The team size depends upon the features and functionalities required in the app.

Investing and launching a classified application could be the greatest decision of all time. But for the ultimate success, you will have to decide how revenue will be generated. For more help, one can take reference from the top classified applications. There are many references that can be followed by the business models for earnings.


Features classified: The services provider will have to pay a certain amount decided by the firm and display the classified advertisements on the top.


Third-party advertisements: It is possible to charge third parties to display the advertisements on the application. With that, the monetization model can generate revenue for the application.


Pay per listing: This is a very simple method to generate revenue, allowing you to take charge from the service provider according to the listing.

Subscription basis: The application can generate great revenue with different subscription plans.

For a rough estimate, a basic classified application will cost between $25K and $30K. For more advanced versions, you might go ahead with a budget of $50K to as much as $200K.


When it comes to classified app development, there are several applications out there that could be great references. If made under the guidance of a leading and experienced development team, it can offer the best services compared to other applications in the market. There are a lot of classified applications in the market, but the ultimate success depends on their features and functionalities.

All in all, a basic classified app will cost a normal amount with the most basic features. On the other hand, if you want your application to have some unique features and functionalities, the cost would certainly be high. If you need a more detailed view of the development process, get in touch with an experienced classified app development company. They will surely contribute towards making your application stand out from the crowd.


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