How Many Sets of Sheets Do I Need for My Vacation Rental?


Sets of Sheets Do I Need for My Vacation Rental

As a vacation rental host, you know that quality sleep matters a lot to guests and influences their decision when rating your rental. Comfortable and quality hotel-style bedding plays a huge role in getting good reviews. Choose the perfect wholesale sheets to turn your vacation rental into a relaxing and comfortable place for the guests.

Sets of Sheets That a Host Should Provide

Each bed should have three sets of bed sheets. Though it sounds like a lot, having three sets of sheets for each bed can help you save money on laundry services. 

Cleaners can remove one set of bed sheets, increasing turnover. If one of the linens is stained or goes missing, backup sets will be ready for use in the closet. 

Bed sheets play a role in the guests’ overall comfort by providing them with quality sleep. Threadbare, worn sheets could leave the guests unhappy, leading to negative reviews. 

Guests care about small details. The correct number of sheets in a vacation rental shows a lot about the thoughtfulness and effort the host has put into the property. As a host, choosing quality sheets can positively impact the guests’ overall experience.

Best Color Sheets for Vacation Rentals

The best bed sheet colors for vacation rentals are grey, beige, or white. Many hosts prefer white sheets because they offer a clean and crisp look that creates an inviting atmosphere for the guests. Spills and stains on colored sheets can cost more money to replace or dry clean them. 

White sheets are simple to clean because they can be bleached to retain a fresh look, smell, and feel. Colored sheets may hide stains and hair, making guests doubt your cleanliness. You can pick white cotton sheets for the vacation rental to have a hotel-style luxurious feel.

Best Material for Vacation Rentals

Cotton is a popular choice because it’s sturdy and hypoallergenic. Cotton sheets with a low thread count can provide warmth but are usually uncomfortable and itchy. 

Choose 100% cotton with a thread count that ranges from 180-300 because they are soft, breathable, and long-lasting. Cotton sheets can be stain-resistant, making them easy to clean.

Avoid buying the cheapest sheets since guests will notice the difference in quality. Choosing an inexpensive option means you may have to replace the sheets more often because they will not last long.

Cleaning and Maintaining Vacation Rental Bed Sheets

Hosts need to wash vacation rental sheets in between guests. That’s why each bed should have at least three sheets to make it quick and simple to switch between stays. 

Many sheets can be washed using a mild detergent in hot water and dried using a low heat setting. Avoid using heavily scented detergent because some guests may have allergies and sensitivities to fragrances.

Buy Wholesale Sheets From a Reputable Store

Look for a store that sells wholesale sheets that will create a feeling of comfort and luxury for the guests. Buy from a store with sheets of different thread counts, sizes, and colors to have many options to choose from. Compare multiple bed sheets on sale to identify those that fit your budget and can meet your needs well.

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