Hidden beauty on the trail to Kedarkantha 


Camping at Kedarkantha Banbanjara


Get ready to trek one of the most famous and thrilling Kedarkantha treks in India. Outskirts with pine trees and capped with snow which make it considerably the best snow-trekking destination in the world. Lies at an elevation of 12,500 ft. above sea level, the trek to this mountain pass in Utrakhand offers multiple levels of obstacles to the voyages. 

If you want to adventure nature at its best and experience a wonderful trek then this winter snow trek is absolutely for you. During the trek, you will witness picturesque views, lush green forests, rich biodiversity as well as snow trails. 

This beautiful summit is surrounded by several river valleys, which is also known as the upper valley of Agarwal distant situated villagers and the villagers of these villages have been residing here since the at period.

About the destination

Kedarkantha is deemed aa a leftist winter snow trek in India, amateur trekkers can do this trek in the Himalayas that one needs to experience. 

The Kedarkantha trek is a famous winter hike in the Himalayas. It’s well known for its mesmerizing views of snow-capped peaks, and it’s also a gateway to see some of the region’s panoramic flora and fauna.

Kedarkantha is a mountain in the Himalayas and is situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The mountain has an altitude of 3,863 meters and is one of the most popular trekking spots in India. Kedarkantha trek is so popular since it serves stunning views of the Himalayan range, snow-coated peaks, and lush green lands. The trek is so easy and can be completed by amateur trekkers. 

Remarkable reasons

Gateway from Hustle and bustle

The Kedarkantha trek is one of the well-known treks in India. It is located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas and serves astounding views of some of the loftiest mountains in the world. The trek is moderate and can be experienced within a week, making it the best option for those yearning to get away from the city crowd. 

Stunning views

One of the main reasons why Kedarkantha tren is so popular is the astounding views that it provides. The complete route is capped in snow during winter, and the views of the snow-capped mountains are simply stunning. The view from the peaks is truly mesmerizing and makes the hard wthththat at work that occurs to get there all worth it. 

Moderate level 

Anothforasforfor popularity is the fact that it’s a moderate-level trek that can be done by any amateur trekker.

Opportunity to discover

The Kedarkantha trek also serves as a beautiful opportunity to see some extinguished wildlife. The region is home to several rare flora and fauna, and you might get lucky to witness some of them.

On the top

Kedarkantha is so popular since trekkers often say that it feels like they are hiking on top of the world. The trail is also known for its rich history.

Home of the great sage

According to residents, Kedarkantha was once the abode of a great safe named Rishi Kashyap. It is said that Kashyap meditated on the summit for a prolonged period, eventually becoming one mountain. At present, trekkers can still feel the existence of Rishi as they get on their way to the trail. 

October to March

The Kedarkantha trek is so popular because it is one of the most breathtaking treks in India. The perfect time to make plans to visit the Kedarkantha trek is from October to March when the weather is cold.

Scenic Journey

Kedarkantha trek is also popular for its journey. To get to Kedarkantha, one must choose the road to travel to reach Sankri. The journey from Delhi to Sankri takes time however it is scenic, and the views only get more beautiful as you get closer to Kedarkantha. Once in Sankri, there are several options for trekking. The best time to do this trek is from the first week of November to April. 

Nevertheless, every trek in the Himalayas is special and known for its charm. Trekking often offers a dose of nature which is not possible in metropolitan cities and also provides you the opportunity to stretch your psychological and physical limits. This trek is one of those treks in the Himalayas that properly you to encounter the beauty of nature that too in its pious form.