Scuba diving Goa is a type of activity where you don a diving suit as well as a mask and regulator. The reason you go diving is to dive underwater in darkness, without lights. Scuba diving in Goa can be done to depths of up to 60 meters or more, depending on the kind of scuba equipment you are using. The benefits of taking part in this sport are. Also, you can go to the underwater world of Andaman.

It lets you explore new experiences which would be otherwise unattainable for us humans, such as living in water using only our senses (sight and smell).

It allows us to enjoy nature more as we can see just how gorgeous it is beneath the water!

It provides us with the opportunity to go out with sharks and other dangerous creatures without danger!

Scuba Diving in Goa

The underwater world is accessible through diving and scuba. It is possible to observe different marine life, go to diverse locations, and even view fish and corals that you’ve never seen previously in your life.

There are numerous Scuba diving firms that operate in Goa. If you’re looking to take a dive then it is essential to choose a business that provides top-quality services at a reasonable price to ensure you don’t spend more than you anticipated at the beginning!

Top places to go dives in Goa

You can pick from an array of diving spots in Goa. Grande Island is one of the most sought-after places to scuba dive in Goa as it is filled with a variety of fish and coral species that can be found here. Colva Beach is another popular location for divers wanting to learn about marine life. Palolem Beach is home to several colorful reefs. 

This makes it a perfect location for those who are just beginning to master diving before progressing to more difficult dives on the island, or off-shore on Anjuna Beach or Agonda Beach. Vagator Beach offers some fantastic wreck diving options along its shoreline; Candolim Beach also offers divers a variety of wreck dives. 

As well as shallow reefs that are perfect for snorkeling. Panjim Beach also has a variety of dive sites close by which allow you to spend time diving underwater and exploring stunning rock formations!

Time to visit scuba diving in Goa

You can go to Grande Island for scuba diving in Goa during the monsoon time (June through September). It is not advised to dive in this period due to the high humidity and poor visibility. Additionally, the temperature of the water could be too hot for you, too. But, if you’re an amateur who is looking to learn to dive safely prior to heading to your own adventures. 

You should consider going to Grande Island during these months rather than waiting until winter to have less chance of being injured while learning about how things should be properly done!

How can I reach Grande Island?

Grande Island is a small island within the Indian state of Goa, India. The island is the home of a tiny village and is home to gorgeous beaches.

The quickest way to reach Grande Island is by boat from Silvassa (the capital city of North Goa). If you plan to travel on the road, follow these steps:

Go to Panjim and Mapusa (both towns are around an hour from one another). You can take a taxi, or take a drive yourself, assuming own a vehicle with excellent tires. The roads aren’t too congested, so it shouldn’t be difficult for people like me who don’t know anything about driving in India as of yet!

Take Highway 17A which connects Mandrem as well as Madgaon until it reaches Grande Island Resort where they offer the resort’s own transportation service that transports guests back and to the resort as well as Mandrem beach each morning at 8 am!

Scuba diving is enjoyable in Goa

Goa is a destination that everyone must visit. There are stunning beaches, churches, forts, beaches, and temples. Dive diving at Goa is enjoyable and secure!

Goa is home to a variety of beautiful beaches to enjoy a swim or enjoy a relaxing day on the beach with your loved ones. Some of the beaches include Nagoa Beach (Palolem), Candolim beach (Candolim), Baga Beach, and more. 


There are places of interest including waterfalls, temples, and fortresses in Goa which makes it exciting to learn more about this area in case you decide to travel to Goa. As a tourist family or friends who want to travel with you to any place within India. But are looking for something different than what they normally do during their holidays. 

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