Fitting Right In: Tips for Adjusting to Condo Living

Condo living really is something genuinely special. Between the sense of community and comradery, the opportunity to own property without all the associated worry and expense involved with looking after a detached home, plus all those amazing, life-changing amenities…it all really comes together to create an incredibly compelling sort of home ownership.

That said, though, we realize that as much as we love condo living, it can be a big shift from living in a stand-alone single-family detached home. With this in mind, we’re taking some time today to explore some of the biggest changes that come along with life in a multi-family condo building – and how your condo community can help new condo converts take the edge off the transition. Read on for more! 

Feeling Right at Home in Your New Multi-Family Home

Get Caught Up on the Ins and Outs

Moving into a brand-new community – especially one as established and tightly-knit as condo communities can often be – can be an intimidating endeavour. Everybody knows everybody else, there are all sorts of histories that new residents don’t have any connection with, and it can be tough for even the most extroverted of individuals to find a way in edgewise. 

With this in mind, we always advise new condo residents to start out by familiarizing themselves with the basics. Take the initiative to be proactive and read up on the building’s policies and bylaws – including things like pet restrictions, renovation rules and requirements, and the like. That way, you’ll be confident that you’re starting off on the right foot with the larger community and won’t accidentally be frustrating neighbours or residents by an honest infraction that you weren’t aware you were even making. 

Remember that Condo Living Really is Different

One of the things we find so uniquely compelling about condo living is the number of lifestyles and situations that this particular sort of home ownership accommodates. Whether you’re looking to own your first piece of property, are downsizing after being a homeowner for years, or are simply looking for a low-stress living situation, the condo lifestyle might be just what you’re after. 

However, there are certainly some obvious differences that come along with condo living – particularly, those related to space. Condos are, by their very nature, smaller living spaces than you might get if you were to look at a traditional detached home. Not only that, but you’ll be in close quarters with other folks and families as well – sometimes even to the point where you can tell when the person above you is getting up to go to the fridge in the middle of the night! When you move into a condo, your peace and quiet are often at the mercy of other residents coming and going, dogs barking, babies crying, and other associated bits of domestic noise – all much closer and less unavoidable than they might be if you lived in a single-family detached home.

If that sort of close-quarters living isn’t for you, well, it might be time to give up that dream of carefree condo living. If you’re still looking to forge ahead and stay true to your passion for condo ownership, though, we’ve got a few more points to help you work through the adjustment. 

Amenities – The Best Part of Condo Living

You might have heard, “Location, location, location!” before when it comes to what makes a condo unit desirable, but what about, “Amenities, amenities, amenities!”? While it may be doesn’t roll off the tongue in quite the same way, this could easily be a rallying cry for many condo owners and would-be condo owners out there. 

As you kickstart your life in a multi-family complex, consider what’s important to you and your lifestyle. From swimming pools to rec rooms and rooftop Zen gardens to community kitchens, there are condo amenities for every walk of life – and it’s these sorts of perks that can really make the adjustment to condo living a rewarding one. 

Consider Your Condo Community – And Get Involved in It

This is where that old real estate chestnut, “Location, location, location!” really factors into play. First, when shopping around, consider not just the neighbourhood, but the condo community itself. Do the people seem similar to you? Like-minded? Close in age? All of these factors will end up contributing to how at home your truly feel in your new condo – if for no other reason than that your proximity to your neighbours is much more immediate in a multi-family building!  

For many folks, this isn’t an issue at all – but if you’re somebody who regularly makes a habit of enjoying hair metal cranked up to 11 at 2 in the morning, you might need to re-evaluate either your decision to live in a condo or your daily routine in general (or both! 😉). 

In addition to simply being courteous to your neighbours, it’s worth noting that a little friendliness can go a long way in close living quarters. In fact, there are some real positives to living in a tight condo community, including the fact that once you get to know your neighbours, you’ll undoubtedly start to keep an eye out for one another, providing an additional level of comfort and security when you’re away from home. So, take a moment when you can to integrate yourself into the condo community when you can! Stop and say hi to those folks in your building. Take part in building clubs and activities. Join your community’s condo board. Above all, jump in feet-first and enjoy the benefits of being part of a bigger community – that’s what condo living’s all about, after all!

Looking for a helping hand getting adjusted to condo living? Get in touch with us at Catalyst Condo Management today – we’re seasoned pros at helping new residents get adjusted to condo living and will be happy to lend you some additional expert advice!