Debunking the Most Common Drain and Sewer Myths



Your drains and sewer at home have an extensive list of responsibilities. When they malfunction, they can disrupt your daily routine significantly. Minor clogs that are left undetected can result in serious problems like improper drainage, leaks, and damage to the sewer system.


Since there are many myths and misconceptions about drains and sewers, it is recommended that you leave any drain and sewer problems to the hands of experts. Professionals can steer you in the right direction and ensure problems are addressed promptly and accordingly.


Below are some of the most common drain and sewer myths and the truths behind them:

Myth #1: Sewers That Back Up Regularly Need to Be Replaced


If you have a sewer that backs up regularly, replacing it can seem like the consummate resolution to the problem. However, this is not true in all cases. Sewer cleaning won’t be able to do much if the underlying problem is not addressed.


Sewage backups are typically caused by low-flow toilets or tree roots that have disrupted the sewer system. Fortunately, this is something a knowledgeable and experienced plumber can easily address.

Myth #2: Drain Cleaning is Something You Can Take On


Contrary to popular belief, drain and sewer cleaning and repair is not a DIY job. While a simple plunger can fix small clogs, huge ones will require the expertise of professionals. Using a drain cleaning machine is also not a good idea as they are powerful tools.


Left in the hands of untrained users, it can cause damage to the pipes and, at times, serious injuries. Unless you are a professional plumber, the DIY approach to drain cleaning and repair is never a good idea.

Myth #3: Snaking Can Clear Clogged Drains


Snaking can be an effective method for clearing small clogs, but it won’t be able to completely clear large ones. When clearing clogged drains, getting in touch with a professional is your best option.

Myth #4: Slow Flowing Drains Can Be Dealt with at a Later Time


Even if your drain still works, you need to have it checked when the water starts to flow slowly. At times, the root of the problem is more complex than you think and not addressing it right away can make matters worse.

Myth #5: Chemicals are Great for Clogged Drains


Nothing can be farther from the truth. Cleaning chemicals are not only bad for your health, they can also worsen clogs. At times, the harsh chemicals can end up corroding your pipes rather than clearing your drains. Since drain clearing chemicals produce harmful fumes, they can burn your skin. If you have children at home, seeking the help of professionals is a safer and more effective alternative.

Myth #6: You Can Pour Oil and Hot Grease Down Your Drain


You should never pour oil or grease down your drain, hot or otherwise. When hot grease or oil cools inside the pipes, they can harden and form a stubborn clog that will require the help of experts.

Myth #7: Having Your Drains Cleaned is Costly


Many homeowners have the misconception that blocked drains are expensive to fix. When detected early, clogs can be easily addressed and won’t cost a fortune to fix. When not addressed right away, it can cause more damage, making it costly to fix.


Professionals will typically use a drain camera to diagnose drain problems accurately. Once the problem has been identified, it’s also easier for them to provide the most suitable (and most affordable) solution to resolve the issue for good.

Final Thoughts


If you want to resolve any drain or sewer issues fast, you need help and advice from a licensed, knowledgeable, and friendly plumber. Professional plumbers can also provide tips and techniques so your drain and sewer remain clog-free and work efficiently for a long time.



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