Check out these academic courses this year

academic courses

What is the meaning of academic courses?

Academic courses are educational programs designed to provide students with the technical skills and knowledge required in their chosen profession. These courses teach students how to think critically, research information, and solve problems. Students are taught how to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively, as well as how to work independently and in groups.

Bachelor’s degree courses are designed to give students an overview of a chosen field of study and equip them with a range of skills necessary for entry-level jobs. The core topics generally include subject matter in history, mathematics, the arts, the social sciences, literature, the natural sciences, and languages.

What are the academic courses this year?

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) is a four-year degree program offered by several different University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) campuses. The BSIT program is structured to provide a comprehensive foundation for the study and practice of information technology in business, government, and other organizations including health care facilities, commercial businesses, non-profit agencies, state agencies and international markets. In addition to meeting specific career objectives, graduates with a BSIT degree may pursue graduate studies in Business Administration, Computer Science or related disciplines to enhance their career opportunities.

Following are the academic courses this year:-

1. BSIT Degree Overview

The BSIT program provides students with a broad, integrated foundation in information technology. The curriculum includes study of the following areas: business, management and organizational communication; human computer interaction; basic and advanced programming, database systems, and data communications; information security and risk management; business process management; application development for industry solutions including healthcare management solutions.

2. BSIT Core Course Requirements

A minimum of 40 hours of field experience is required for graduation from the BSIT Program. An internship with an employer is recommended but not required. Students can gain practical experience by working as a help desk technician or as an IT intern at their place of employment while completing the program through USAO’s WebCampus or on-campus programs.

3. BSIT Endorsement Requirements

Fifteen hours of electives may be used to satisfy the professional education and elective requirements as long as they are directly related to the employment objectives outlined in the BSIT Program . The BSIT Program does not require non-credit professional education courses.

4. BSIT Practicum/Internship 

The Practica/Internship option of the BSIT program offers students the opportunity to gain valuable useful business and technical experience while earning college credit. This option may be taken as one or a combination of three separate practica or internships: the “Civic” Practicum, the “Business” Practicum, and the “Technology” Internship. The Civic Practicum is designed to help students apply their knowledge and skills by assisting local government units in a variety of ways including performing office work, answering phones, and handling requests for information. The Business Practicum qualifies students for entry-level employment as I.T. assistants, computer programmers, and database analysts. Students must also complete the College of Business course “Business Programming” with a grade of “C” or higher to satisfy the Business Practicum requirement. The Technology Internship places the student in an entry-level position as an I.T. technician or other related professional field and allows students to enhance their job skills by learning new software and hardware technologies as well as acquiring practical business and technical experience through a full-time internship for two semesters (one semester in residence).

5. Business Department Course Requirements

Students are required to earn a “C” (2.0) or higher in all courses involving accounting, business law, management, and marketing.Students may use applicable business courses from other accredited colleges or universities to fulfill any of these requirements. Students must complete a business computer course or equivalent to fulfill the “information systems” requirement.

6. Information Technology Department Course Requirements

Students must earn a grade of at least a “C” (2.0) in coursework that applies toward the BSIT degree. A student may repeat any course once with no more than two attempts allowed for any course that applies toward the major program of study. A student may repeat any prerequisite course more than once but only two attempts will be counted toward graduation requirements with no more than two attempts in any one area of application towards graduation requirements.

7. USAO BSIT Major Learning Outcomes

Students must be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of computer hardware, software, and application support. Demonstrate knowledge of basic and advanced programming, database systems and data communications. Demonstrate knowledge of unique applications for specific industries such as healthcare information management and/or finance management systems. Demonstrate knowledge of public and private sector processes related to information technology including compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations.