Best Snow Treks in Himalaya 

nag tibba trek


Whenever you think of tracking in India, what comes to your mind? Snowy mountain peaks, long trails, magnificent nature, beautiful flora and fauna. All of this can be seen in at one place itself, that’s nothing else then the Himalayas. Tracking whether it’s for beginners or for the experienced who wants something challenging, Himalayas have got you. Himalayas are the youngest mountain range and is the home to the tallest mountain in the world that S Mount Everest. Here’s a list of some of the best no tricks in Himalayas that you will absolutely love.

1. Nag Tibba Trek

Located at an altitude of 9915 feet in the Grahwal region of Uttarakhand,  near Mussorie, Nagpur Tibba Trek is one of the best Treks in Himalayas. This trek is beginner friendly as trekkrs don’t have to go on a very high altitude. It takes maximum of five days to complete this trek. While passing from the Nag Tibba Temple, Trekkers get to see a Magnificent view of Garhwal Himalayas.  After tracking for some hours, trekkers get to see many oak and Rhododendron trees. The best time to go to this track is December as you will get to witness snowfall. This track is best for beginners and will give first timers a perfect experience of trekking. 

2. Chopta Tungnath

Chopta Tungnath Is located in another account and is a base for trekking to Tungnath, lies 3.5 kilometres away. Chopta Tungnath Temple is A moderately easy track. The main reason of the tracking is the temple present on the peak. Lord Shiva’s Temple Located on the highest altitude is the easiest to achieve. During winters it is quite difficult to access this temple due to heavy snow for. The temple is considered to be more than 1000 years old and it’s glorious architecture makes it a tourist attraction full stop this place is also an attraction for a bird watchers. Birds like Monal are easily found here. MusK Deers can also be seen here.

3. Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is located in the Parvati Valley of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. While trekking,  from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, trekkers pass by a small (usually) frozen lake, hence it is called Sar Pass Trek. Sar basically means Lake in the local dialect. This trek comes in the easy category and is beginner friendly.  The best time to go on this trek is between April to June.  Pleasant summer and snow covered peaks can be experienced at the same time.  Sar Pass sits at the altitude of Approximately 13,580 feet.  This can be really a enjoyable short and fun trek to go for some fun. 

4. Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek is located at Lohajung, in Uttarakhand. The Brahmatal Lake is situated around 12,000 feet above the sea level. The crystal Clear Lake, and the view of most beautiful mountains Mount Trishul and Mount Nandaghunti Are seen in the trek. While trekking to the Brahmatal Lake, Trekkers come across a magnificent lake, Bekaltal Lake. The lake is surrounded by thick forests and is associated with a folklore. Brahmatal Is quite a new trek, and has become very popular in a short time. The trek is perfect to be visited during winters because of snow.

5. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Located in Uttarakhand is a mountain peak of Himalayas. It stands at the elevation of 12,500 feet over the sea level. This track is beginner friendly an even suitable for children. It is situated in the Uttarakshi District’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary.It is one of the finest submit claims for beginners. It is a six day long trek in Indian Himalayas. The climb isn’t that easy, the entire stretches steadily steep. One of the reason to go on this trek because of its beautiful forests. There are three routes that have beautiful forest that trekkers get mesmerised with. The track is filled with clear rings on all the roots and even at right locations.

6. Dzongri Trek

Yuksom Dzongri Trek Is a short, high altitude trick on Sikkim route. It is a perfect trek for people who want to trek more in a short time. It is a perfect trek for exploring mesmerising nature and exquisite landscapes. This trek is famous for the view of spectacular mountains of Sikkim Himalaya. Some of the magnificent mountains that can be viewed from this trek are Mt. Kanchenjunga,  Mt. Kabru(south), Mt. Kabru (north), Mt. Simwo, etc. This trek Is located in the Sikkim Himalayas and stands at the altitude of 4200 metres above the sea level. It is a moderate level trek and can be done by beginners an experienced trekkers. The best time to go on this trek is March to May and September to December.