How to Choose the Best Montessori Pikler Triangle?

Montessori Pikler

Your child is your best-priced possession, and you wish to give your child the best of everything, be it food, clothes, education, and even toys. Play equipment and toys play a huge role in the child’s overall development as they spend most of their time exploring and playing with them. As they play, many factors come into the forefront that requires attention as parents or an educator; if you run a kindergarten, that includes quality, affordability, safety, and does it allows the child to think and create! One of the best play equipment you can invest in for your child is Montessori Pikler Triangle! Your child can start playing with it from 6 months to 5 years! Yes, it’s a super investment to make, and now more straightforward with the foldable Pikler triangle options in the market.

Let us understand what a Montessori Pikler triangle is.

A Montessori Pikler triangle is an indoor climbing triangle designed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler about 100 years ago! It has become one of the most selling play equipment among parents and educators as it allows babies as young as six months old to begin playing on it, leading to their gross motor development, strengthening of muscles, balance control, and eye-hand coordination.

However, there are so many options of the Montessori Pikler triangle available in the market that it gets challenging to choose which one is the best! Here are some factors to consider while looking for the best Climber Triangle for your child. Let’s begin.

Factor # 1: Climber and slide

When selecting the best Montessori Pikler, check for two important things- the Rockwall and the slide ramp attachment. Getting both options to extend your child’s play is excellent. Click here to see the Mountain Climber Set with Lily and River!

Factor # 2: Foldable Pikler Triangle

Space is always a constraint, so many parents stop buying play equipment for children and instead take them to the garden slide and swing to play! But your child at the tender age of 6 months to 2 years does not have the confidence and skills to play on the slide and swing in the garden. So get home the foldable Pikler Triangle available on today! It is super easy to fold and put away when not required.

Factor # 3: Delivery of the Pikler Triangle

Preferably purchase the best Montessori Pikler triangle online that offers free home and fast delivery. The most recommended online website to do so is They have many other sensory toys that are age-appropriate for your child. Start shopping today,

Factor # 4: Quality

No compromises on the quality of the toys and equipment for your child. Before investing in any toy or play equipment for your child, many factors must be checked. Check for:

  • Are there any sharp edges that can hurt your child?
  • What kind of wood is used to make the toy.
  • Is the material being used non-toxic
  • Are enough tests conducted for quality assurance of the toy or play equipment?

Well, these are all crucial facts to know. Based on the best quality standards, Lily and Driver are the most recommended places to buy sensory toys and a foldable Pikler triangle for your child or your kindergarten. The reason is that they use non-toxic material, good quality birch plywood with excellent finish, undergo thorough testing, and work for years together without any breakages. The best part is also that it is conveniently stored when not in use and foldable!

Factor # 5: Combination sets

You should be able to extend your child’s play by investing in other play equipment that goes well with your foldable Pikler triangle. Lily and River is one place that offers you various combination sets like Little Ninja Playset and Little Pro Playset, which could include Little steps, rocker, Little Surfer, and Little Gymnast. It could also have a playmat like a landing pad to provide extra safety to your toddler. The playmat is connectable, interactive, and multi-purpose, designed purely for more fun, comfortable, and safer playtime experience. Click here to learn more!

Factor # 5: Play now and pay later

Yes! Lily and River, an American company manufacturing excellent quality foldable Pikler Triangle and other sensory toys with American craftsmanship, also provide you with the facility of installment through their play now-pay later facility. Check it now on today!

Some FAQs about the Montessori Piker

What is the age to bring a Montessori Piker home for your child?

The foldable Pikler Triangle by Lily & River is recommended for use as early as 6 months to as old as 5 years. We can start at 6 months as babies at that age are learning to sit up and then move towards pulling themselves up to stand up! The Montessori Pikler gives them opportunities to do so. Also, once they start standing and walking ten to climb up on all kinds of furniture at home, the Montessori Pikler is the right play equipment to do so without the fear of getting hurt.

What are the benefits of a foldable Pikler Triangle?

A host of benefits are attributed to playing with Montessori Pikler for your child.

  • Build their gross motor skills.
  • Build their muscle strength
  • Build their risk assessment skill
  • Build their eye-hand coordination.
  • Builds their balance and control
  • ‘Builds their self-confidence.
  • Build their concentration
  • Build their spatial awareness
  • Builds their problem-solving skills.
  • Boosts their focus
  • Boosts their agility.
  • Encourages creativity and imaginative play