Best Himalayan treks in India 


 Valley of flowers :

Legends abound about the Valley of Flowers journey. It is reported that the strong aroma of the flowers on the valley floor causes hikers to pass out and become unconscious. You receive a panoramic view of the valley’s wide extent covered in a covering of flowers as soon as you enter it. Here, one may view variously shaped, sized, and coloured flowers, leaves, and buds. One of the most revered pilgrimage and devotional sites, Hemkund Sahib, is also traversed throughout the can also visit Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Har ki Dun :

Trekkers believe that routes like Buran Ghati and the Rupin Pass are among the best hikes available. They also consider Har Ki Dun to be a distant relative when we discuss it with Ruinsara. Making such a serious error. The Har Ki Dun walk with Ruinsara is one of the most full treks we’ve seen. It has a fascinating old culture, stunning mountain vistas, woods, grasslands, meadows, rivers, streams, and even an alpine lake. Especially when compared to other summer hikes, this track is not physically taxing, making it the ideal trip. Har Ki Dun’s trip becomes much better when Ruinsara is included. Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive trips you’ll ever take.

Phulara ridge trek :

September, October, November, May, and June are the finest months to trek the Phulara Ridge. It is a unique ridge walk in India, one of the more recent treks. This route is essential for all hikers because of the breathtaking Pushtara Meadows. The Phulara Ridge trek also includes a magnificent section of thick woods for a short while. If you like animals or birds, then you should definitely do this stroll. We had spotted more than 10 distinct kind of Himalayan birds during our trek.

Hampta pass trek :

It is one of the most spectacular crossing trips in the country, thus one must take it. It starts in the beautiful green valleys of Kullu and travels through a little valley that resembles a canyon to an overhang high in the mountains. The Spiti valley may be seen in one broad, panoramic sweep from the pass.

Gidara Bugyal trek :

Among other Himalayan treks, the Gidara Bugyal trip is a traditional and well-known trek. You will likely go across one of the largest high-altitude meadows. It may be bigger than the well-known Ali Bedni Bugyal hike. Additionally, this hike boasts a stunning ridge walk that not many other treks can claim. On this walk, there are several amazing campsites. They are tucked away in Gidara’s grasslands, right after you exit the magnificent woodland area. 

Goecheala trek :

The Goechala trek path extends for over 75 kilometres and reaches to a height of 15,100 feet. The breathtaking mountain vistas you get—not just of one peak, but of 14—are one of the main reasons to take this journey. There are several highlights to this expedition. The dawn above the Kanchenjunga mountains is the most memorable. Aside from that, your road is lined with innumerable, stunning rhododendrons throughout the spring months of April and May. Another incentive to take this journey is to see the Samiti Lake, which is incredibly clear.

Khopra ridge trek :

In Nepal, there are several hikes, including the Khopra Ridge walk. The 22 large mountains you get to view on this walk are only one of the many reasons you must complete it. The Khopra Ridge is stunning because it is a ridge. You cover this ridge in two days of walking. Large mountains are therefore on each side of you for the first two days. There aren’t many hikes in the world where you walk along a ridge for two whole days. Even without a trip, the mountain vistas are breathtaking. These two factors together make the Khopra Ridge a truly unique trip.

Buran ghati trek :

The trip that results from combining the greatest features of all of our other treks into one trek is called Buran Ghati. In addition to meadows, a thrilling pass crossing, and old villages, it is, to put it mildly, adventurous. Both the Buran Ghati Trek and the Rupin Pass Trek go side by side. The route starts in the ancient village of Janglik, travels through a deliciously thick forest, and then abruptly emerges onto the Dayara meadows.

Gaumukh tapovan trek :

One of the most renowned and historic treks in the Himalayas in India is the Gaumukh Tapovan trek. It provides an opportunity to see stunning sunsets, Mount Shivling from its base to its top, and, last but not least, the Gangotri Glacier, the Ganga River’s source. The Gaumukh Tapovan trek’s base camp lies in Rishikesh, a must-visit city rich in culture.

Kedartal trek :

In comparison to other Himalayan treks, Kedartal is a challenging route. This walk is intended for seasoned hikers and thrill seekers. The hike ascends to the glacial lake of Kedartal, which is encircled by tall mountains. Mount Thalaysagar, Mount Bhrigupanth, Mount Nanda Parvat, Mount Jogin, and Mount Gangotri are a few of the most well-known mountains that rise in front of you in this cauldron. The steep height, spider wall, and river crossings make this climb quite difficult.