Beach style- from Bikinis to Boyshorts for women

Boyshorts for women

The summer is upon us, which means only one thing (for us, anyways)- BEACH SEASON.

Time to take out your bikini set for beach and pool parties that we cannot get enough of. We love them, and what is not to love? Getting that glowy tan, drinking punches, rolling around in the water, and, most importantly, flaunting your favorite bikinis- summers are perfect. You can get hundreds; still, there is one more to envy.

Today there are so many styles that one cannot select just a single pair. They are stylish and comfortable. They are more inclusive and help you highlight your best features in a way that makes you feel confident about yourself. The brands focus on body positivity as an integral core value when they design beachwear. Size zero is not the goal; size healthy is.

 And now they are more fashionable than ever will all the frills, glitters, silhouettes, prints, patterns, and whatnot. There is your one-piece, two-piece, skirts, shorts, athleisure- you are spoilt for choice. Choose your perfect bikini set for beach, which makes you feel pretty.

With this diversity, if you still cannot find your perfect fit, there is another unsung hero. It is stylish, comfortable, and quite a rage these days- Boyshorts!

Why are Boyshorts for Women Gaining Popularity?

If a bikini is not for you, it does not mean you cannot rock your beach look. And who even said you could only wear a bikini to a beach? We don’t play by those rules anymore. If you think that a bikini is not the right fit for you, we have another excellent option- boyshorts for women.

Yes! Boyshorts are so comfortable and functional. And they are cute. Gone are the days of boring innerwear. Now they come in all these fun prints and colors that you will be spoilt for choice. You can rock them with a tank top as loungewear or wear them to a pool party with some cool accessories to make a statement. The options are endless.

Boyshorts, as their name suggests, evolved from men’s boxer shorts. Let’s face it- men’s clothes are comfortable. They always have been. So when it comes to undies as well, they also scored points for comfort like always. Even though we had many different types of lingerie, comfort was not a strong suit of any one of those. So naturally, we again looked up at men’s clothes. And the answer was there- boxer shorts. But when the girlies could not rock the boxers for anything more than a night suit, boyshorts came with the solution. They came, and they came in style. Combine the comfort of boxers and the functionality of women’s lingerie and make for the perfect undies. They are the female equivalent of gray sweatpants (now you get it!). No wonder they became an instant hit.

Advantages of Boyshorts

Where do we start? Boyshorts have a lot of advantages in terms of comfort and style. Some of the benefits of this popular undies style are:-boyshorts for women

  •  Wearable all day- The wider surface area of  does not pinch into the skin or roll over. They lat seamlessly flat on the bum and do not move and hence do not cause any discomfort. Thus boyshorts make an excellent choice for all-day wear.
  • Great style for athleisure- The right gear and attire are essential to perform well in sports. Sports activities require breathability and movement without any uneasiness. Boyshorts cover appropriate areas without feeling bulky, so they are excellent sportswear. They have also evolved into a popular athleisure choice.
  • Perfect loungewear- If airport wear is a look, well then, so is loungewear. If you like to live your life queen-size, why stop at overcoats and dresses? Why not make your nightwear a statement too? All you need is something comfortable enough to sleep in and stylish enough to be fashionable. Boyshorts combine style and comfort in the right balance so you can have a sound sleep in one minute and rock the ramp in the next!
  • Modesty- Not everyone feels comfortable in thongs or bikinis. After all, style is wearing what we think is the most comfortable. If modest fashion is your pick, rock that in style too. Boyshorts for women provide more coverage.
  • Unique patterns and prints- It is sad if you are still stuck on tighty-whities. Underwears have as good a collection as your shoes. You will be spoilt for choice. You can choose the latest pattern or print in your favorite colors.
  • Confidence- How do boyshorts make you confident, you say? Well, think about it. Happiness comes from within. If you are happy and satisfied from within, you will reflect that to the world. Even though people cannot see your loungewear, you can, which matters most.

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