Air Conditioning System Maintenance and Health

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Air conditioning is used regularly in homes and offices, and many health problems are attributed to it, from colds or dry coughs to tiredness, fatigue and skin irritations. 

Are air conditioning systems really a breeding ground for bacteria and germs?

Many people believe that conditioning contributes to the spread of bacteria and germs. In this regard, Expert explains that although this idea has some validity, it does not give a full picture of the truth, as “air conditioning systems generally recycle the air itself, so if you cough or sneeze without covering it Mouth or nose correctly, then these bacteria and germs can spread in the air, knowing that this does not necessarily necessitate transmission to another person.”​

The most worrying thing in this aspect, according to Experts, is that the air conditioning systems are outdated or poorly maintained, as they can turn into a breeding ground for fungi and mold formation, as “the humidity of the air conditioning units rises, which if they are in a hot and humid environment provides An ideal environment for bacteria to grow.” And he continues: “For people with allergies, respiratory diseases or a weakened immune system, this may lead to worsening of symptoms or infection.”

Despite the disadvantages of air conditioning and its damage to health, it offers a number of advantages and benefits, as it works to purify the air of external pollutants, which in turn also provoke allergies and symptoms of respiratory diseases in those affected.​

The relationship between dust and air conditioning

Dust particles also spread in the air and absorb moisture from the air conditioning, according to Expert, and this decrease in the level of humidity can thus lead to dry eyes or skin, while the spread of dust, especially after sandstorms where dust density increases, can May cause health problems for people with respiratory diseases or allergies.

The importance of air conditioning in cooling the air and softening the atmosphere in light of its health damages

No one disputes the importance of air conditioning in cooling the air and softening the atmosphere, as “Air conditioning is one of the most important means that helps us overcome hot weather conditions and avoid high temperatures, as exposure to heat may greatly lead to the possibility of heat stress and heart diseases such as heart attacks.”

This does not mean, of course, that we have to live in a closed environment that is cold and air-conditioned around the clock, as, according to Dr. Chronic diseases such as arthritis in those with them

A constant cold environment weakens the body’s ability to tolerate heat, which results in tiredness and exhaustion when spending time outdoors or in an area where it is less cold.

Air conditioning maintenance is required

Many of the negative effects of air conditioning on health can be countered by regular maintenance of air conditioning systems. “Cleaning the air conditioner is essential when moving into a new house or office for the first time,” experts recommend. The air conditioning system can accumulate dust and mold if it has not been operated and used for a while, as dust and mold may accumulate inside the air conditioning system, so a specialized team is required to Maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to check and clean the system.

It is also suggests following the following tips and instructions to improve the health of the air conditioning system and reduce its use:

Cleaning the air conditioning vents and filters (filters) every three months with the help of a company specialized in ac duct cleaning services Dubai, which in turn must replace any old and worn out filters.​

Maintaining the cleanliness of the home and office to reduce dust, bacteria and germs accumulated inside the air conditioner.​