Wardrobe Basics Checklist.



Make your clothing style speak for you. Choosing the proper outfit depending upon the theme of the event is an art. It takes years of experience to build a correct wardrobe that suits every event without compromising your style statement.

Trends come and go every year with few alterations and modifications to the pre-established core fashion. Yes! Of course, it’s essential to follow the trend, but some wardrobe basics save you every time you feel running out of clothes. These staples are also the ones that help to create your wardrobe capsule. This way, you can declutter your closet and keep it simple yet elegant.

So just play your favourite playlist along and open your closet to take out all unnecessary clothes. Just keep the basics yet versatile clothes back. Make sure all your selected clothes are easy to mix and match to give you a new look every time.

        Black Blank Tank Top:

The blank tank tops trend, is ruling the fashion industry for quite a long time. It’s a comfy staple you can wear at home, grocery shopping, on coffee dates with friends and on all


your casual outings. It has all the potential to grace your semi-formal outfits. Being blank gives you room to mix and match it with patterned bottoms, plain bottoms, jeans, skirts and every type of style you can think of.

        Short Sleeve White T-Shirt:

Other than black, white is the next essential colour in your wardrobe. Always keep a white short sleeve t-shirt in your capsule wardrobe. It is an appropriate choice for every possible casual occasion. Plain white T-shirts look splendid with blue jeans, underneath leather jackets, denim jackets, shorts, miniskirts and all your formal pants. This style and colour never go out of fashion. For a more extended style in white colour, you can opt for white tanks.

        Crew Neck Sweaters:

Not to mention sweaters are the comfiest, warm, and most stylish staples for the winter. There are numerous options depending on every person’s preferences, but the crew neck sweater is the most favoured one for decades. The choice of wool, and knit designs, are absolutely based on your choice. You can opt for a sweater with designs and patterns or keep it subtle by choosing a monochrome one. Oversized sweaters have been making buzz for the last few years, and this trend is being speculated to continue this year.

        Versatile White Poplin Skirt:

Poplin is a popular fabric for being most breathable for skin during summer. It is used to make shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, or any type of outfit you can ask for. A white poplin skirt can last for years. You can choose a well-fitted poplin skirt to mix-match with your formal shirts, casual t-shirts, tank tops, tunics, oversized jackets, hoodies and whatnot.

        Printed Hoodie:

Hoodies are my personal favourite. I like the baggy ones. This stylish staple suits your casual outings. Hoodies are the saviours on a bad hair day. Choosing ones with zippers or kangaroo pockets, all sub to you. But just for your trend update information, printed hoodies are trending. All big fashion houses come up with their brand logo printed on the sleeves, back or front of the hoodie. Hoodies look dapper, and just like simple tees, this staple isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

        Classic white sneakers:

Long boots and sneakers may seem the opposite styles, but these are the most vital footwear’s to be added to your wardrobe checklist. These both can suit your every street wear look. For formal events, you will of course need pumps or high heels.

Focusing on white sneakers, this old-school fashionable footwear is back for all the right reasons. It makes you look neat and crisp and suits all your casual outfits. Even some fashion game-changers are normalising wearing sneakers with semi-formal outfits too.

        Neutral Dress:

A neutral dress is a must-have. You can game on your style with your neutral dress. You can use your peppy footwear as a style statement. Handbags, scarves, and jewellery are the other accessories that give you plenty of options to make your neutral dress look different every time. The latest trends include logo belts to highlight your neutral dress.


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