Some Supporting Communities For Business Women

It is exciting to see the rapid growth of female entrepreneurs. This is a sign of the cultural shift that we are experiencing. There was in the past a shortage of resources and support for women entrepreneurs. Today, there are more resources and communities for business women who are available and ready to help female executives and entrepreneurs.

Women can share their challenges and overcome them in support communities. They provide guidance and tools to assist women in building their networks and empowering one another. This leads to business growth.

These communities offer a variety of resources including mentorships and financing options as well as general inspiration. Here is a list with links to supporting groups for female entrepreneurs.

1. Ellevate Network

Ellevate Network is an international network of professional women who are committed to supporting each other. There are chapters all over the globe and a range of membership levels. The cost of memberships starts at $100/year and can go up to $1,000/year depending upon your priorities and needs. You have access to mentors, sponsors, as well as peers.

Ellevate works with companies that are committed to diversity, inclusion, and high-performing employees to recruit top talent, retain them, give them career resources, and hold events. Ellevate’s mission is to foster genuine, lasting relationships that help women succeed in business.

2. Women Who Start Their Own Businesses

Women Who Startup is an online learning platform that connects women entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. It provides rapid learning and real-time engagement to help achieve its mission of connecting women and allowing them to build strong, supportive networks.

3. Sheeo Learning Lab

SheEO Learning Lab celebrates, finances, and supports female innovators. This platform offers online resources and live webinars to support women entrepreneurs.

4. I Want Her Job

Brianne Perleberg, founder of I Want Her Job, created it to help women “discover and explore [their] dream jobs” This website hosts curated conversations with women who are changing the future of business.

It was founded on the principle of supporting women looking for a career change. I Want Her Job is a community that supports mentors, takes risks, and empowers everyday women.

Participation is as easy as submitting articles about and for women. I Want Her Job also has a podcast with the same name.

5. The Better Business Babe

The Better Business Babe provides support for solopreneurs and women entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses.

They offer education and support through online connections, as well as resources and education.

Its mission is to support women in achieving a more balanced life and to grow their businesses.

6. The Hive

The Hive offers a unique experience for small groups. Members are shown around and given tips to maximize their membership.

The Hive provides a forum, monthly live strategy sessions, and goal planning sessions as well as weekly live coworking sessions, pop-up live office hours, monthly Q&A mastermind calls, and bonus learning opportunities.

This gives members new ideas, clarity, and a fresh perspective on the possibilities. They also have an action plan and support from a supportive community. The Hive promotes sisterhood and focuses on work.

7. The Female Entrepreneur Association

According to The Female Entrepreneur Association, its mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to make their ideas “wildly successful businesses”.

You will find weekly videos filled with tips and inspiration, as well as the international bestseller “She Means Business” created by Carrie Green. There is also a Members’ Club and a Facebook page that buzzes and inspirational stories about female entrepreneurs around the globe.

The $47/month cost for their Members’ Club is You’ll get a master business checklist and forty masterclasses when you sign up. There will also be an inviting community, Q&As, accountability partners, and other benefits.

8. Woomentum

Woomentum is an online network for entrepreneurs who want to get into the Asian market. This online community offers courses that will help you learn the skills necessary to start or run your own business. The platform allows you to find customers, investors, and brand ambassadors.

Woomentum is a supportive community that can answer all your questions while you start your business. Online membership is possible, but local chapters are available. You can request to establish a chapter in your local area if there isn’t one.

An app is also available for quick access. You will need an invitation to join the Woomentum Community.

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