How to Buy the Best Gaming PC Monitor to Level Up Your Experience?


How to Buy the Best Gaming PC Monitor

The market is flooded with plenty of gaming monitors of different brands. How will you know which model is most appropriate? Generally, the best PC monitors for gaming include displays that support 4K, 144 Hz, and G-Sync. They have the ability to elevate your gaming experience and produce high resolutions, crisp images, vibrant colors, and fast frame rates. Some models have also curved displays to keep every inch on the screen within optimal distance from your eyes.

To choose the best computer monitor, you need to consider specifications such as resolution, refresh rates, response time, screen size, and curved panel to level up your gaming experience.


Resolution (the number of pixels rendered on your monitor screen) is the foremost component to take into account when searching for a gaming monitor. For a 24-inch monitor, resolutions should be 1,920 x 1,080. For a 27 to 32 inches Monitor, choose a model with 2,560 X 1,440 resolutions. This will give you high-quality graphics.

If you want to buy a monitor of 34-inch to 39-inch size, then 3,440 x 1,440 pixels is the right choice to enjoy the excellent game performance with mid-to-high range graphics cards. You should opt for 3,840 x 2,160 pixels for a 43 to 49-inch monitor (4k monitor) to play AAA games. Remember that a monitor with higher resolutions is better for gaming as it produces clear pictures.


Refresh Rates


Refresh rate is the second specification you need to check. Measured in Hertz (Hz), it is the number of times per second the display draws a new image. A monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz means the device refreshes images 120 times per second.

A higher refresh rate is always better. While a monitor with at least 75Hz is Ok for gaming, a 60 Hz refresh rate is fine for a non-gamer. Note that most gaming monitors offer at least 120 Hz.

Response times

Response time is how fast the display changes from white (fully active) to black (fully inactive), then back to fully active again. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). A shorter response time is better as a longer one can generate blur motion while watching fast videos or playing a game.

While 5ms is the highest response time for a gaming monitor, 0.5ms makes the fastest display unit for games. As a gamer, you can look for a model with a lower response time. 1ms to 5ms is ideal.

Curved Monitors

Curved screens can be seen in ultrawide monitors. They offer clear looks at even the extreme edges of screens. They are easier on the eyes and reduce strain. They provide more comfort and a better viewing experience. Gamers can enjoy added immersion for supported games, easily open multiple tabs, choose high resolutions, and enjoy enhanced picture quality and color consistency. A curved screen is particularly important with a 27-inch monitor.

Screen Size

A 23-inch or 24-inch monitor featuring a 1080p HD resolution could be an ideal option to save money. But if you prioritize graphics and a large display, then look for a 27-inch monitor. However, 29-inch and 31-inch will also be the best bet.


Opt for an ultrawide screen to enjoy a movie-watching experience and expand the field of view (FOV) in games with no “fisheye” effect (a dramatic ultra-wide effect to capture a distinctive and distorted view). Those preferring a wider FOV should choose an ultrawide monitor. This helps in spotting enemies easily and having a more immersive gaming environment. Remember, many FPS (First-person shooter) games don’t support high FOV settings.


Now that you’re familiar a bit more with gaming PC monitors and their features, you can decide which display unit is most appropriate for you. When you buy a new one, Lenovo can be your most trusted online platform. Visit the official website and browse through ample products. Before placing your order, check the specifications and features of the system to pick the right model.

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