Drawbacks of Manual Website Backups You Need To Know

Drawbacks of Manual Website Backups You Need To Know

Creating website backups is one of the important things when you own a website; there are a number of threats to your website that could result in data losses. With no website backup, you have to start from scratch if your website faces any failure or cyber-attack. Keeping such concerns in mind, people either opt for a manual website backup or an auto website backup.

There are a few advantages of manual backup methods, but these advantages are nothing compared to the damage these methods cause to your business and website. It is always better to opt for a hosting plan that offers auto and cloud backups to minimize the website backup risks that come with manual methods.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the pitfalls and drawbacks of opting for manual website backups.

Top 6 Drawbacks of Manual Website Backups You Should Know

Creating a website backup invites damage to your websites and the most important data. Whether it is any technical failure, a hardware failure, or any disaster, the backup created manually is always at risk, and there is no alternate way to recover it. With the current increase in website attacks and issues, relying on a manual backup method is not ideal due to the number of drawbacks it offers.

Following are a few prominent demerits of manual means and methods of creating website backups.

1.      Labor-intensive

One of the major pitfalls of a manual website backup is that you have to hire several people to copy the data to the backup resources manually. This method makes the backup highly labor-intensive, and your website depends on people for backups. Unavailability of the labor makes the backups unavailable and irregular, which puts your website data at risk. With auto backups, your website does not rely on a person’s availability for creating backups. This is why many website owners prefer the best web hosting services in Dubai that provide auto backup benefits besides affordable hosting of the website.

2.      Vulnerable to data corruption

Manual methods of website backups include using record tapes, which are vulnerable, and their condition deteriorates over time. Relying on such backup options is a risk, and you never know when your backup will vanish from your relied resources. Besides these vulnerabilities, there are also multiple restrictions for keeping these storage tapes. You have to maintain a specific temperature and environment to ensure the longevity of these backup means. To avoid such complexities, you must opt for a hosting service that enables you to create an online or a cloud backup.

3.      Maximum backup mistakes

The possibility of missing out on important information or data while backing up manually is always higher. Moreover, with humans, the possibilities of making mistakes while handling a lot of data are also higher. It is also one of the possibilities that you may miss out on creating a backup for important data due to human error. The best replacement for human and manual backup methods is the auto and online backups with minimum or no chances for mistakes.

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4.      Slower and failed migrations

There is a possibility that you need to migrate your website data and resources from one point to another. These migrations are a nightmare when you are relying on manual means of backups. Despite taking a lot of your time, the successful transfer of the data is also not ensured. There happen a lot of migration failures that lead to data losses, and recovery of the data becomes impossible in such situations.

5.      Expensive backups

Buying extra hardware and backup tools is always expensive, and the continuous failures of the hardware also increase the expense. On the contrary, spending a little extra amount for data storage and backup to the hosting services is always affordable. You must not waste your money on something that is not reliable, and your website data is still not secured. These data storage costs are not the only issue in manual methods, but the data transferring rates are also higher.

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6.      Slow recovery time

The data recovery and restoration with manual backup methods are always higher, and it costs businesses a lot. To recover the required data, there are certain situations where you have to wait not just for hours but for several days. These slower recovery methods always halt a number of business tasks and processes. To avoid delays in your data recovery and restore, you should opt for auto website backup options. You can hire web hosting Dubaiservices to ensure auto backups while securely hosting your website.

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Get online backups with ideal hosts!

If you want to enjoy the perks of auto backups and avoid the drawbacks of manual website backups, then you need to opt for a better hosting plan. Hiring a reliable hosting service for your website will help you enjoy the perks of auto and secure website backups with other benefits.

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