Avoid These Mistakes Make your Vacation Memorable in Dubai

Dubai is a bustling city where everything feels big. From the skyscrapers to the branches, this city of gold is a huge playground for adults. Offering a wide array of beach clubs, shopping malls, designer wear, to numerous activities, there are so many happenings available for the tourists to explore. Weddings, 
birthday parties, anniversaries, and vacations are common escape routes for tourists. Also, they can easily get carried away by the attractive features that this city has to offer.

Dubai is a lot more liberal than other Western Countries. However, there are still a couple of strict codes of ethics that tourists should abide by. To save you from falling into unwanted situations, here are some rookie mistakes to avoid.

  1. Being Unaware of Ramadan

This is majorly the most important mistake to avoid in Dubai. As a tourist throwing destination weddings or birthday parties in Dubai, you should know what to expect and what not to expect during this holy month. There are many who choose to avoid visiting during Ramadan, the city continues to operate.

However, from sunrise to sunset, eating and drinking is off-limits. Non-Muslims should avoid eating or drinking in public. During this time, most of the restaurants are open for takeaway alone. Others continue to operate with curtains drawn and windows closed.

  1. Unaware of Local Customs

When traveling internationally, one should know the local customs, else it can lead to trouble. For instance, Emirati homes are very hospitable and they offer dates and coffee to welcome their guests. One should accept it politely.

As a way of greeting, one should shake hands on arrival and departure. Make sure to take off your shoes, as a sign of respect when entering the home. Also showing great appreciation for the meals served makes the Emiratis happy.

  1. Body Language

Body language can hamper your relationship with Emirati locals. One should stand up when someone enters the room. When sitting, make sure the foot sole is not facing anyone’s face, as it is extremely rude. Also, one should serve food with the right hand.

In addition to this, public displays of affection are seen as offensive and illegal.

  1. Weekend Confusions

We have all heard of the epic Friday brunches in Dubai, that might make us wonder about the weekends here. Well, it is Friday and Saturday for them. All the people who do work for six days a week, begin their work on a Sunday. So make sure you have your itinerary planned with Dubai’s weekend timings.

  1. Exploring Dubai on Foot

Dubai is definitely not a walker’s city. Apart from the scorching hot summers, the city has a major shift towards driving. It means all the cars, malls and buildings are fully air-conditioned, to keep you safe from the hot temperatures.

In addition to this, one can also spend some time in the nature camps and witness the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets.

The buildings in Dubai are huge and spaced widely. Regardless of what you see on google Map, everything is a bit farther away than it actually seems. To kill the travel time, one can either take a taxi, subway, or drive in your own car.

The Takeaway

Dubai is definitely a city of gold, with a diverse range of activities like largest zipline in dubai and explorations to do. As you set to travel this majestic desert land, be sure to avoid these mistakes for a happy and fulfilled event.

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