8 Tips to Wear a Kilt Like a True Scotsman

 To become a true Scotsman, one must totally adapt to Scottish culture and understand its language and clothes. However, a lot of people mistakenly believe that the kilt is the only traditional clothing worn in Scotland and Ireland. In reality, other things are just as significant as Scottish kilts.



How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

Many non-Scots are familiar with how to wear a kilt, however many are unaware about How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman?   A Scotsman always wears the kilt along with the other kilt accessories, though it can also be worn with a shirt, coat, and other items. That person always complies with Scottish laws and standards, and they attend all events dressed entirely in Scottish attire. To be a true Scotsman, you must know the Scottish accessories.


1.      Kilt Jacket

2.      Shirt

3.      Belt & Buckle

4.      Sporran

5.      Hose

6.      Flashes

7.      Fly Plaid

8.      Shoes


The kilt may be Irish or Scottish, but its status will never be altered. You can wear this clothing from the waist to the ankle and it is made of comfortable cotton or tartan fabric. The modern kilt is an improved version of the traditional kilt (great kilt). These days, people consider this clothing to be among the most comfortable bottom clothing.


Highland coat

Unlike other jackets for everyday wear, this one has a unique design and function. In your regular routine, you may wear jackets made of cotton, wool, leather, and other fabrics, but the kilt jacket is special. This handmade jacket features more studs and buttons than typical coats despite being constructed with real wool. There are far too many kilt jacket styles that can only be worn for Scottish events.



If you live in Scotland, you can wear either a dress shirt or a Scottish shirt with your kilt jacket. A Scottish shirt can be worn alone, without any other accessories. The Ghillie shirt is popularly used with kilts, jeans, trews, and other types of trousers, therefore it can be worn with any bottom clothing.


Buckle and Belt

You must wear your traditional tartan kilt with the Scottish belt and buckle, which are the outfit’s matching accessories. The leather belts from Scotland and Ireland are longer and larger than other belts. Purchase one to go with your Scottish costume since our company produces high-quality buckles and belts in accordance with Scottish standards.



A second pocket known as the Scottish Sporran is attached to the front side of a plain tartan kilt. These days, metals and animal skins like leather, fur, and hair are used to make sporrans. The Sporrans are fashionable in this age and as handsome as kilts.



Like regular socks, the hoses are black and white, but they are longer and especially made for Scottish shoes. You can wear the hose all year round and it is an essential component of the Scottish attire.



The flashes are smaller and made from tartan cloth. While the second half is positioned below the pipe, the visible part flashes. It is a representation of pride, and flashes are an essential component of Scottish clothing.


Bows & Ties

You will need a knot or bow if you plan to wear a Scottish wedding gown. You can wear a tie or bow of any colour, although nowadays many Scotsmen use a tie or bow made of tartan fabric to match their kilt.



The shoes used in Scotland aren’t your typical shoes; they are made specifically for Scottish weddings and other Scottish celebrations. These shoes are referred to as brogues and come in black and brown. Spice up your Scottish dress with our shoes, which our business sells to customers at reasonable prices.


To summarize, The kilt belt can be either made of leather or cloth and it goes around the waist. The kilt belt is then attached to the front of the kilt with a button or buckle. The button or buckle can also have an emblem attached to it depending on the occasion where you are wearing your tartan. Be proud of your heritage and wear it with pride! 

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