5 Movies On Climate Change That You Can’t-Miss Watching

 The Climate crisis is real and climate change movies are an eye-opener. Climate is changing rapidly and by now it is quite evident in everyday life. The planet is already witnessing severe heat waves, frequent floods, changes in weather patterns, glacier melts, and sea level rise. 

By 2050, climate scientists are estimating that the sea level will rise by 10-12 inches along the U.S. coastline.

The first documentary on climate change directed by Frank Capra came out in 1958 – The Unchained Goddess.  Although climate scientists and environmental activists have been warning us about climate change for decades, it was only in the last UNCOP26 meet held in Glasgow last year that world leaders finally agreed to realign as per the needs of the planet to attain net-zero by the deadline of 2050.

So, if you are inclined to understand the predicament of climate change, then here is a list of five movies on climate change that can serve as the starting point for you.

5 movies on climate change to alter your perspective 

Here is a list of five movies on climate change released in recent times including both documentaries and feature films.

  1. Before The Flood (2016)

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Directed by Fisher Stevens, Before The Flood is presented by National Geographic and features actor and Earth Alliance co-founder Leonardo DiCaprio, the then Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, and Mike Brune.  

It follows Leonardo DiCaprio journeying around the globe witnessing the impacts of climate change in-person. He also tries to understand what can be done to resolve the issue of the climate crisis. Besides this, he can be seen talking to experts on how to save indigenous communities, endangered species, and ecosystems from extinction.

  1. 2040 (2019)

2040 Review: An Informative and Engaging Documentary About Climate Change  and Some Possible Solutions (Rating: ****) - Social News XYZ

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Climate change movies could be quite grim and disheartening. So if you want to watch something that educates you and also simultaneously keeps you optimistic, then the documentary 2040 could be the one for you.

Written and directed by Damon Gameau, 2040 presents practical solutions to the climate crisis rather than just highlighting the impacts of climate change on the livelihoods of people. It brings technological innovations into focus to fight the problem of climate crisis such as using renewable sources of energy. 

  1. Eating Our Way To Extinction (2021)

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Featuring one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, Kate Winslet, Eating Our Way To Extinction is directed by Ludo Brockway and Otto Brockway.

Narrated by Winslet, the movie takes into account the perspectives and insights of Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, Sylvia Earle, American marine biologist, Jeremy Rifkin, American economic and social theorist, and many other notable people. This documentary brings the unsustainable practices of the global food industry into light which is expediting the process of climate change.

  1. The Tomorrow War (2021)

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Released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime, Chris Pratt starrer The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi movie about the not-so far-away future threatening the annihilation of the human species. 

Encompassing time travel and war with a hostile alien species, this movie includes climate change in the backdrop of all this. It rather explores one weir possibility of climate change which is fictitious but interesting. 

  1. Don’t Look Up (2021)

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One of the most successful movies on Netflix, Don’t Look Up is a sarcastic representation of the world’s current situation. Filled with reality-biting mockery, this movie has an ensemble cast of some of the most talented actors of Hollywood including Meryl Streep, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet, and Jonah Hill.

Though not based directly on the concept of the climate crisis, while promoting this movie concerns were raised about the indifferent attitude of world governments towards climate change. A giant meteor hurtling toward earth capable of causing planet-level devastation and mass extinction intellectually represents our analogous struggles with climate change.


So, you can begin your journey on climate consciousness by watching these five movies on climate change. Our recommended list includes documentaries and commercial climate change movies.

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