Why Is My Hot Water System Not Working?



Hot Water System


You'll be amazed at the number of people who do not know the exact location of their hot water heater until it stops working. If this is you, then don't fret. You're not alone.


There are a few steps that you can take to help prevent or resolve small issues that may arise in an appliance for hot water.


Common problems with hot water systems are:

·         The pilot light has gone out

·         Leaking cylinder

·         Dripping from valve for relief

·         Sensor for the thermocouple that is not working correctly

Most hot water heaters are able to last for approximately five to fifteen years. A few more, some less. There are some factors that decide that. Sometimes, it's the quality of the water or how often it's utilized. Certain brands can be more durable than other brands.


Servicing of all gas appliances is recommended at least every two years. It is recommended that people have their heaters inspected, but with the hot water system, it's an issue of not being seen but out of sight. The majority of our calls to hot water systems occur in those sad moments when there's no hot water to take a morning shower.


Pilot Light Has Gone Out

Toignite the pilot light, you must press the pilot button and then illuminate the pilot using the igniter piezo. It is necessary to hold the button to light the pilot for 30 seconds before release.


When you let go of the button and the pilot flame is gone, then that thermocouple has failed. The thermocouple can be repaired for less than $200.


Another issue is that an unintentional wind gust can cause the pilot light to go out. It must be lit again according to the lighting instructions typically found on the inside of the exterior cover on the unit that houses heaters.

A majority of people are able to start the pilot flame; however, there is some procedure to follow. When you adhere to the directions, it will be successful, and the directions are usually on the cover.


There's a protective cover on the bottom that is removed to access the burner. Inside the cover, there are instructions for lighting the flame pilot. Many people fail to follow directions correctly and then fail to follow an important step. In these situations, the pilot light will not work.


Leaking Cylinder

The most frequent issue we encounter when it comes to hot water is the fact that the tank may be in a state of leakage, which could result in the ignition of the pilot flame.


It is easy to tell if there's an issue because you hear the sound of hissing when you head towards the hot water system. The sound you hear is water leaking out of the cylinder.


If we lift the cover and find water in the cylinder, it's an indication that the unit is in need of replacement. It's not repairable. The leaking of cylinders happens in all hot water heaters at some point, and that's the end of the line for them.


Water Pooling or drips from the Relief Valve

There's a relief valve that is typically located on the top of the appliance. This should only be flowing during the time that the hot water unit is heating. It should not be running continuously.


If the relief valve is on constantly, you have an issue. If you notice that water is dripping from the bottom of your heater, spilling out the front cover, it's certainly not a good sign and could mean you're headed into trouble.


Faulty Thermocouple Sensor

Most of the time, when someone complains that their hot water heater isn't heating and working, it's due to the thermocouple acting up. The thermocouple detects that the pilot flame is switched on. It's a security device. When the pilot flame is blown out, the thermocouple's sensor is cooled and turns out the fuel.


In most cases, after a few months, the sensor will start to be activated within the hot water system. The standard procedure in the event of a malfunction is to have the gas turned off. It is necessary to hire a plumber for gas to fix a malfunctioning thermocouple.


If you are not getting hot water from your water heater, there could be one of the above-mentioned problems. Check for the basic problems and call in a local plumber to fix the issues.



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