What Is A Virtual PBX System & How Does It Work?


Everything you need to know about free virtual PBX systems 

Inevitable shifts in the business industry have resulted in a distinct requirement for every reputable organization. Given that practically every firm has a digitally-based assistance crew, it is critical that they correctly monitor all incoming calls.

But, what exactly is Virtual PBX, and why should you incorporate it into your technology stack?

Maintaining an effective phone system is one of the most important aspects to remember when operating a company. We’ll explain what Virtual PBX is and what you must know in 2022.

What Is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX 

Firstly, PBX is an abbreviation for Private Branch Exchange. It is a free virtual PBX software solution that enables agents to handle incoming calls and effectively route them to specific units. Virtual PBX uses Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP technology to make calls with gateways and specialized software or hardware. 

This function does not entail the purchase of expensive or difficult technological equipment. It enables the formation of an office or call center in any location around the world without the need for a geographical address. 

Agents can access the complete call stats with Aavaz FreePBX, the best free virtual PBX from the leading call center solution provider. Following each incoming call, the time, its duration, and even the wait period are shown in the interface.

The Basic Functions Of Free Virtual PBX Service

The basic functions 

When selecting a Virtual PBX for your organization, you must grasp both the basic operations and the more technical capabilities available to you.

Most simple free virtual PBX services have a set of fundamental features, such as:

Call Management 

Call forwarding

Transfer calls 


Call Blocking 

Local Connection 

Conference calls 

Remote office

Customer Satisfaction 


Call recording 

How Does Virtual PBX System Work?

A visual representation of how virtual PBX systems work 

The system is direct: when a client contacts your business, the call is routed to the free virtual PBX service, where it is analyzed and routed to one of your numbers based on the call redirection strategy you provide.

First, the caller hears the voice menu, followed by an audio message prompting him to select the proper department. The customer chooses a selection, and the call is routed to the first phone in the configured chain.

t specifies the process for receiving and handling calls and the phone numbers that will receive them.

Benefits Of Using Free Virtual PBX Service

The benefits 

Whether we’re talking about SMEs or large corporations, the needs are fairly similar. You’ll need an efficient way to route calls across teams while reducing the cost of operating sophisticated wire-based phone systems.

After using a free virtual PBX service, your business will reap these three major benefits:

Reduced waiting time.

Increased efficiency.

Premium experience for your customers.

Reduced Waiting Time With The Best Free Virtual PBX

Increased wait times only lead to clients seeking services from another company.

Unless you have a telephony service that can direct all inbound calls to the relevant department & divide them among the available agents, your customers will have to wait before somebody answers the phone.

Increased Efficiency 

Calling your corporation and being transferred from one division to another for ten minutes is everything you want to prevent. Free IP PBX software for windows helps save time and allows your agents to be ready to take calls. 

Premium Experience For Your Customers 

Although the service is the most significant aspect of providing a premium experience, customer assistance is also critical. Instead of letting a staff pass calls through one organization to another, why not utilize an on-premise free virtual PBX?

Aavaz FreePBX Advantages 

Aavaz FreePBX for all your business needs

Aavaz’s FreePBX is a program designed to assist SMEs in scaling their businesses to new heights. The goal of free virtual PBX is to make every business in the world digital-friendly. Here are some advantages of choosing the leading call center collusion providers:

Connection of numbers in SIP format.

Adaptable inbound and outbound call allocation.

Ease of use. 

Call center and administrative training.

Call controls 


These are everything you need to know about call center solutions for small business. Aavaz FreePBX has a business model that incorporates multiple pricing plans. As a result, every customer has access to all relevant functions. 

Contact the leading FreePBX provider today for all your business needs!

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