Buy Rudraksha Online- What is Rudraksha?, Types, Benefits, and Price


Buy Rudraksha Online

Rudraksha or japa beads are a type of beads that are used in various religious ceremonies, particularly in Hinduism. They are known as sacred and offer many benefits such as protection from evil, good fortune, and luck.

What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is a type of prayer bead that is used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is also used in Sikhism. Rudraksha beads are made from a variety of materials, including crystals, glass, metal, and shells. Rudraksha beads are believed to have special powers and are used for protection and meditation. Types of Rudraksha: There are three types of rudraksha beads: kumkum, damiana, and turquoise. Kumkum rudraksha beads are made from red sandalwood beads mixed with cosmetic oils and colors. Damiana rudraksha beads are made from the leaves of the damiana plant. Turquoise rudraksha beads are made from copper or aluminum. Benefits of Rudraksha: Some benefits of using rudraksha beads include the following:

-They can help improve concentration and focus
-They can help improve meditation techniques
-They can help increase faith and belief in God
-They can help ease anxiety and stress
-They can help promote calmness and peace

Types of Rudraksha

There are many types of rudraksha beads and each has its own unique benefits. Some of the most common types of Rudraksha beads are:

– Karaksha Rudraksha: This type of rudraksha bead is made from a single piece of black stone. It is said to have the power to ward off evil, bring good luck and protect the wearer from harm. The cost of a karaksha rudraksha bead is typically higher than other types.

– Ganesh Rudraksha: Made from a mixture of different colors and shapes, ganesh rudraksha beads are believed to promote fertility and good health. They are also said to be protective against calamity, enemies and accidents. Ganesh rudraksha beads come in assorted prices, depending on their quality.

– Dhumavati Rudraksha: This type of bead is made from small pieces of jasper which are threaded onto a silver wire. The dhumavati rudraksha bead is thought to be beneficial for meditation, spiritual growth and prosperity. It is also believed to offer protection from negative energy. Prices for dhumav

Benefits of Rudraksha

The benefits of wearing rudraksha beads are many and varied. Aside from the obvious spiritual uplifting properties, they also promote physical health and well-being. Rudraksha beads are believed to be powerful protectors against negative energies and curses. They are also said to bring good luck and prosperity in both personal and business ventures.

 Here is a look at some of the benefits of wearing rudraksha: 

– Protection from negative energy:
Rudraksha beads are known to protect people from negative energy. Wearing them is said to ward off evil spirits and help improve mental clarity and concentration.

– Good luck:
Wearing rudraksha beads is said to bring good luck in all areas of life – personal, financial, and romantic. They are also believed to bring protection from bad luck in sports, travel, and other ventures.

-Physical health: 

Rudraksha beads have been traditionally used as natural remedies for various illnesses and ailments, including anxiety, stress, ADHD, infertility, heart problems, arthritis, high blood pressure and more. Some people even use them as an alternative form of

What is the Price of Rudraksha?

The price of rudraksha can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and rarity of the rudraksha. Rudraksha beads are made from a variety of materials, including silver, gold, lapis lazuli, or turquoise. Rudraksha beads have many traditional uses, including protection from harm and good luck.
There are several types of rudraksha beads:
– Rishabh Rudraksha: The rishabh rudraksha bead is made up of two pieces: a large bead in the middle and smaller beads around it. It is believed that this type of rudraksha bead wards off danger and bad luck. It is also thought to bring prosperity and good health.
– Ashwini Rudraksha: The ashwini rudraksha bead is made up of three pieces: a small bead in the middle, two larger beads on either side, and a ring in the middle. This type of rudraksha is thought to help with fertility and childbirth.
– Japa Rudraksha: The japa rudraksha bead is made up of one


Rudraksha is a type of necklace that is said to have many benefits. It is believed to provide protection from evil and bad luck, as well as bring wealth, health and love into one’s life. Rudraksha has been worn by kings and queens for centuries and its popularity continues to grow.
If you are looking for a unique gift, or want to add some symbolism to your own personal life, buying a rudraksha necklace may be the right decision for you. There are many types of rudrakshas available on the market, so it’s important that you find one that will complement your features and personality. Prices range from affordable to very expensive, but the quality of the jewellery always seems to be good.

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