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There are many ways to tell whether someone’s hair is natural or not. For example, you can always ask her to shake her hair, and if the hair falls back into place perfectly, it’s natural. If it doesn’t fall back perfectly and looks like it is held in place by something, then it’s probably fake.


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Hair extensions are a popular hair trend, and are typically done by professionals, so it can be hard to tell. However, if you’re a hair stylist, you’re more likely to be able to tell whether someone is wearing an extension. Also, ponytail extension, especially the kind that is attached to a ponytail, are one of the easiest kinds of hair extensions to spot. If the person’s ponytail extends too far behind her neck, its probably fake.

There are many factors that are used to identify fake hair. The first thing that you can check is the hair line. You can easily see the difference between a natural hair line and a fake one. Make sure you see this line by pulling the hair extension on one side of your head. If the hair extensions are realistic, they will look good on all types of hairs, including straight, wavy and curly hair. But if the hair is fake, then it will not look natural. You can also look at the ends of the hair extension. You will see a line where the hair extensions and your hair meet, if they are threaded properly. You can also look at the end of the hair extension by holding them up to the light to see if the end is properly finished.

You can tell if someone is using extensions or wigs by looking at their hair in a certain lighting. If it looks shiny in some light and dull in others, then it is most likely a fake. If it looks the same in all lights, then it is most likely real.

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There are 2 basic ways to know when someone is wearing wigs or extensions. The first is obviously to talk to the person to find out. This should be enough if your friend is wearing extensions, because if they are, they would be very happy to tell you. The second way is to look at the person’s hair closely. If you look closely , you will be able to tell. For example, if you see a visible seam in the middle of their hair, then it is safe to assume that they are wearing extensions. If you want to know more about visiting any hair salon for your hair care queries.

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When someone wears wigs, this is the tell-tale sign. If you touch their hair, you’ll feel (or see) the difference from natural hair. If you notice that this person almost always has hair down, it’s a strong indication that their natural hair is short. This could be a result of damage or poor styling. It’s important that you know the difference between front hair extensions onlineand synthetic ones. If you want your hair to look natural, you must get the right hair extensions.


Hair extensions are now being used by many people for different reasons. It’s a great way to add length and volume to your existing hair. You can add length without chemicals. As far as women are concerned, hair extensions have become the best and the safest way to enjoy the benefits that long hair brings. Hair extensions online  give them a whole new look with just a click.

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