Want to Change Your Ink or Toner Cartridge At Home? Here’s How ? Inkjet vs. Toner


Toner Cartridge

Before we get started, we need to find out what type of printer you’ve got to determine the cartridge for ink or toner you’ll need to purchase. Do you own an inkjet printer, or a laser printer?

What’s the main difference?


Printers with lasers are the best when it is speed of printing, but they lack in image quality because they’re designed to print larger amounts. Inkjet printers are, on the other hand, ideal for printing color images, but they are made to print in smaller amounts. In the end it’s either quality over quantity (laser) (or quality over quantity) (inkjet). 

If you print a large number of documents in one go, think about investing in a laser printer. Toner cartridges can initially be more expensive, but they produce larger copies, and can last for longer than ink cartridges.

Another important distinction in installation and replacement can be seen in the fact that cartridges for toner tend to be larger than cartridges that use inkjets. Toner cartridges are smaller and appear like a tray, whereas the inkjet cartridge is smaller in size, compact and box-like and therefore, slightly more straightforward to replace. While there are some distinctions regarding the procedure for installing the two kinds of cartridges for printing however, the majority of the steps will cross-over.

The steps to replace a printer Cartridge

#1 – Record the brand name of your printer and model number.

Before you begin to play on your machine, be sure to note down the model and brand of your printer as well as the cartridge’s number (if you own it) to ensure that you’ve made the correct choice. If you are unable to locate the printer’s make or model number, refer to the manual or guide for your printer that came with the device. If you’re not sure of the number of the cartridge then you’ll be able to find it within the subsequent step.

#2 – Take out the cartridge you used to use.

The correct method to remove the ink cartridge may differ with each printer. We strongly suggest that you read the manual of your printer’s user for specific directions on cartridge removal. The majority of printers have an electronic version of the user’s guide on their site.

To remove the empty cartridge,  the printer is powered on. So, turn on the printer and then open the lid (or lift the front flap of the printer). If the printer is an inkjet it will move towards the middle (take note that some models are fixed and a button needs to be pressed to move the cartridge). If necessary you press the button for ink to open the cartridge. It is important to be careful and avoid pushing the cartridge out of its case or you may cause severe harm.


#3 – Buy the correct cartridge of ink or toner

There are a myriad of choices available today in contrast from costly cartridges that are known to cost the price of an arm and a leg. Alternatives that are more affordable, such as compatible cartridges and recycled cartridges are readily accessible for less than the price of the original. Be sure to take your time, do your study, look at all the possible options, and, most of all, be sure that the cartridge you buy will be suitable for your particular printer.

#4 – Open this newly-installed cartridge (considerations)

Remove the cartridge carefully from its packaging. Give it some shakes, and then remove any protective tapes from the nozzles of ink. Particularly with toner cartridges ensure that you take them from their packaging, holding them horizontally with both hands. This will reduce the risk of damage as well as spillage.

#5 – Place this new cartridge inside the printer

Before proceeding to install the cartridges, we recommend that you read your printer’s user guide for specific instructions for installation for how to set up the cartridges. If you force a cartridge incorrectly, it could cause irreparable damage which will cost you more. If you do not have the manual, you can get the instructions for replacement of your cartridge from the official website of your printer’s manufacturer.

The process of inserting the brand new cartridge could seem obvious, but for many people, this is a step that can easily be missed. Be aware that you must insert the cartridge in the same direction you removed the previous one. You might insert it at a specific angle and then move it or clip it into it with some tension until the device clicks, and then locks into. For toner cartridges to ensure that you insert the cartridge with care until you hear the click. 

#6 Check your cartridge

After installing the cartridge on your printer, it’s now time to run that crucial test print to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Simply load a document and then trigger a print, and examine the print quality. It will also ensure that the ink flows properly prior to the first print job that is properly done. If the ink appears streaky or smudgy consult the manual of your printer to find out how to align your printer’s heads.


Understanding how to change toner cartridges or ink is a must if you have a printer. Even though printers are now ubiquitous in homes, there are plenty of people who are hesitant to tackle the intimidating job of replacing ink cartridges for their printers.

In order to ensure that you don’t run out of ink just an hour before the deadline or halfway through the homework of your child take guidance from the above mentioned points to change your printer cartridges.


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