Mahindra automotive sector


mahindra automotive sector

Mahindra is an Indian automobile manufacturer, founded in 1948 by Mahindra & Mahindra. The company designs, manufactures and markets a range of cars and motorcycles. The company has manufacturing facilities in India and Brazil. In March 2018, Mahindra announced its acquisition of the Israeli robotics company Mobileye for $15 billion.

Overview of the Mahindra Automotive Sector

Mahindra Automotive Sector is a large and diversified manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. The company operates in more than 50 countries with over 11,000 employees. Mahindra has been one of the most successful automotive companies in India. The company was founded in 1944 by Mahindra Singh Mahindra.

The Mahindra Automotive Sector produces passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, trucks and buses. It supplies engines, transmissions and electrical systems to other automakers as well as to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company also manufactures components for other companies such as airbags, braking systems, seats and steering columns. In 2010-11 Mahindra recorded a net profit of Rs 1,080 crore on revenues of Rs 38,856 crore.

Mahindra has a wide product range that includes both mass market models and luxury vehicles. Passenger cars are marketed under the Mahindra Maruti and Mahindra Suzuki brands while commercial vehicles are marketed under the Mahindra Bharat and Mahindra TUV brands. The company’s motorcycle range includes the Adventurer, Supersports, Dual Sport and Enduro models. Trucks are marketed under the Mah

Reasons to Invest in the Mahindra Automotive Sector

Mahindra Automotive Sector has seen a remarkable growth in the past few years. The company has been able to strengthen its presence in various countries across the globe, and it is now one of the leading automotive companies in India.

The Mahindra Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India, and it is also one of the most diversified businesses with interests in engineering, financial services, transportation, infrastructure development, and information technology. The company has a broad portfolio of products and services that include automobiles, tractors, buses, motorcycles, and engines.

The Mahindra Automotive Sector has been witnessing steady growth over the last few years. Here are some reasons why investors should consider investing in this sector:

-Mahindra Automotive Sector is growing at a fast pace; the company reported consolidated revenue of $10.4 billion for fiscal year 2017-18.

-The company’s strong brand presence across various markets; Mahindra vehicles are popular among consumers globally.

-The company’s robust operational capabilities; Mahindra has a strong track record of delivering high quality vehicles on time.

The Mahindra Automotive Sector in India

The Mahindra Automotive Sector in India is a fast-growing one, and it has a lot to offer. The sector offers good job prospects and excellent training facilities. It is also one of the most reliable sectors in the country.

Mahindra has a well-established presence in the automotive sector in India, and it manufactures a wide range of vehicles. These include passenger cars, SUVs, vans, trucks and buses. The company also produces engines and transmissions.

Mahindra has been making cars since 1954. Over the years, it has grown into one of India’s leading automakers. The company currently employs over 50,000 people across its various businesses in India.

The Mahindra Automotive Sector in India offers excellent job prospects and excellent training facilities. It is also one of the most reliable sectors in the country.

The Mahindra Automotive Sector in the World

Mahindra Group is one of the largest automotive companies in the world. It has a presence in 17 countries with over 100,000 employees. The company manufactures and sells automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles under different brands like Mahindra, Scorpio, Tata Motors, Royal Enfield and Hyundai.

The Mahindra automotive sector accounted for 8% of the group’s consolidated revenue in FY18. The company has a strong presence in the North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa regions.

In FY18, the company sold 1.07 million cars and generated revenues of Rs 49,549 crore. The company has plans to sell 2 million cars by 2021 and achieve a revenue of Rs 1 lakh crore.
Mahindra is committed to creating sustainable communities through its social responsibility initiatives like Mahindra Green City Mission (MGCM) and Mahindra Rural Development Programme (MRDP). MGCM aims to make urban areas more livable and environment-friendly through initiatives such as solar installations, rainwater harvesting systems and green roofs. MRDP focuses on improving rural infrastructure such as roads, water supply schemes etc.


Mahindra Automotive is one of the most iconic and respected names in the automobile industry. With a rich heritage dating back to 1918, Mahindra Automotive has continued to lead the way by innovating and pushing boundaries with its range of products. From cars to trucks, SUV’s and vans, Mahindra has something for everyone. Browse our selection today and find your perfect vehicle!

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