Lyodra Ginting Biography- Age, Family, Boyfriend, Awards and Achievements


Lyodra Ginting

Lyodra Margareta Ginting (born June 21, 2003) is an Indonesian singer and actress from Medan, North Sumatra

Lyodra Ginting is a rising star in the Indonesian entertainment industry. At just 16 years old, she has already achieved significant success as a singer, earning a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2017 Indonesia Music Awards.

Lyodra’s acting career is also starting to take off, with roles in popular television series such as ‘Aceh Besar’ and ‘Kelabatangan Dunia’. Lyodra’s unique voice and stage presence have made her an audience favorite, and she is set to continue making waves in the Indonesian entertainment industry in the years to come.

Lyodra Ginting’s Childhood

Lyodra Ginting was born on June in Medan, North Sumatra. Her parents are originally from the Palembang region of South Sumatra. Lyodra spent her childhood years moving around with her family, living in various cities in Indonesia.

2. Lyodra Ginting’s Musical beginnings
Lyodra first started taking music classes at the age of six. She quickly became interested in singing and began performing in local talent shows. In 2008, she won first place in a nationwide singing competition called “The Voice of Indonesia”. This led to her signing a recording contract with Sony Music Indonesia and began working on her debut album.

3. Lyodra Ginting’s Career
Lyodra’s debut album, “Lemari”, was released in 2013 and topped the charts throughout Indonesia. Since then, she has continued to perform across Asia and Europe and is currently working on her second album. Lyodra is also a self-taught actress and has appeared in numerous Indonesian films and television dramas.

Lyodra Ginting’s Career

Lyodra Ginting is an Indonesian singer and actress from Medan, North Sumatra. She started her career in 2012 as a member of the band Girlfriend. In 2013, she released her debut solo album, which reached number one on the Indonesian Albums Chart. Her second album, entitled Ego, was released in 2016 and also reached number one on the Indonesian Albums Chart. Lyodra has since starred in several successful films, including Sekarang Kau Adalah Seseorang (2018), an adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s novel Kafka on the Shore, and Terjun Kita (2019), which tells the story of Indonesia’s first female president, Suharto.

Lyodra Ginting’s Personal Life

Lyodra Ginting is an Indonesian singer and actress who was born on June in Medan, North Sumatra. She began her career in 2007 when she won a singing competition in her hometown.

Since then, Ginting has released several albums and starred in a number of television shows and films. Her most notable roles have been as the lead singer of the girl group D’box and as the female lead in the action film The Raid: Redemption.

Ginting is also well known for her philanthropy work. In 2016, she founded the Lyodra Ginting Foundation to support children living in poverty areas in Indonesia. Through her foundation, Ginting has helped to build schools and provide food and clothing to those in need.

Lyodra Ginting’s Future

Lyodra Ginting is an Indonesian singer and actress who has a bright future ahead of her. She has already won several awards, and her music is sure to captivate audiences for years to come.

Ginting’s career began when she was just 14 years old. She participated in the talent show “Indonesian Superstar” and won. Since then, she has released several albums and performed on stage all over Indonesia and abroad. Her music is popular among both young and older listeners, and she has even collaborated with international stars like Justin Bieber.

With such a successful career under her belt, Ginting is poised for even bigger things in the future. She is currently working on an album that will be released in early 2017. It is sure to be a masterpiece, and fans everywhere are anxiously waiting to hear it.

Lyodra Ginting’s Songs

Lyodra Ginting is an Indonesian singer and actress from Medan, North Sumatra. She debuted as a singer with the album, “Ketawa” (2016).

Her songs are mainly in the Javanese language, but she has also released songs in English. Her music combines traditional Javanese instruments with modern production techniques.

Ginting’s performances often focus on narratives, telling personal stories that are rooted in her culture and experiences. According to Ginting, her music is meant to help people connect with their emotions.

Ginting has received several awards for her work as a singer and actress. In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Music Award for Best Female Artist.

Awards and Achivements

Lyodra Ginting has won numerous awards and accolades over the course of her career, including three awards at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia (A.M.I) Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2016, as well as an Edison Award in 2017. She has also been nominated for four A.M.I Awards, winning in 2013 and 2017. In addition to her music career, Ginting has acted in several films and television series, most notably in the role of Rangga in the popular Indonesian drama series Tanah Air.

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