how to find guest post opportunities



Creating content is one of the most important things you can do as a blogger, but it’s not always easy to come up with ideas. That’s where guest posting comes in – by writing on other people’s sites, you can get your name out there and build your writer profile at the same time. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find guest post opportunities online and how to write a great pitch.

how to find guest post opportunities


One of the best ways to find guest post opportunities is to search for them using popular keyword-rich platforms like Google and Bing. Once you’ve found a few promising leads, you’ll need to research the site thoroughly before submitting your proposal. Make sure to read the blog’s guidelines, review the blog’s stats, and take a look at their latest posts to get a sense of what they’re about.

When pitching a guest post, it’s important to be clear about your objectives and why you would be a good fit for the site. Try to focus on topics that match the blog’s audience and don’t oversell yourself – after all, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Finally, make sure to follow up after submitting your proposal – not everyone will respond right away, but staying in touch will show that you’re serious about wanting to guest post on their site.

Guidelines for writing a guest post

Guest posting can be a great way to build your blog’s audience and extend your reach. Here are some tips for writing a successful guest post:

1. Evaluate the opportunity. Before submitting anything, make sure you know what the blog is looking for. Are they interested in lifestyle, business or technology topics? Do they focus on a specific region or country? Find out as much as you can about the blog before submitting.

2. GetResponse. This is the best tool for managing your submissions and tracking statistics about your blog’s success. Use GetResponse to create a submission form, track submissions and responses, and manage correspondence with bloggers.

3. Be prepared to provide valuable content. Make sure your submission is well-written and provides valuable information for the readers of the blog. If possible, include photos or videos that support your points.

4. Follow up regularly. Don’t be afraid to reach out to bloggers after submitting a submission to check on progress and ask if there are any questions or suggestions you may have. Follow up at least weekly if not more frequently to ensure that your submission is being considered and that you’re meeting all expectations set by the blogger.

5. Monitor results carefully

How to find guest post opportunities

Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there and build relationships with other bloggers. It can also lead to opportunities for paid work. Here are some tips on how to find guest posting opportunities:

1. Look online: First, search online for guest posting opportunities. There are many websites that offer submissions, and most will have guidelines on how to submit a post.

2. Join a community: Next, join a community of bloggers that you want to work with. This will give you access to their email list and you can ask them about guest posting opportunities.

3. Seek out sponsors: Finally, look for sponsors who are looking for content from new bloggers. If you have an interesting story or topic, ask if they would be interested in sponsoring a post from you.

How to get published in a guest post

When it comes to finding guest post opportunities, you have a few options.

If you have an interesting topic or story to share, start by searching for blogs in your area of expertise. You can use Google’s search engine or an online search engine like Yahoo! Search.

Next, you can reach out to bloggers who publish similar content and see if they would be interested in featuring your article. You can also contact bloggers through social media, email, or a direct message on their websites.

Finally, consider submitting your article to popular guest posting platforms like Contently and UpWork. These platforms offer editors access to a wide range of guest post submissions from different industries and locations around the world.

Follow the instructions and submit your article proposal.

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1. Why should The Spice Eats readers care about your article proposal?

Your article proposal will help us decide whether or not we want to publish your article. It will also help us understand what topics you would like to write about and what angle you would like to take on them. In other words, it will give us a good indication of the quality of your writing and the depth of your research.

2. What is an article proposal?

An article proposal is a document that outlines the content, structure, and style of an upcoming article. It includes information such as the target audience, the purpose of the article, and the main points you plan to make.


Guest posting can be a great way to get your name out there, and to connect with other bloggers who are interested in similar topics. If you’re looking for guest post opportunities, I’ve put together a list of some of the best sites that offer them. Whether you’re a first-time blogger or an experienced one, these opportunities could be perfect for you. Thanks for reading!

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