YES Bank launches wellness-themed credit card


wellness-themed credit card

YES Bank which is a leading private sector lender has launched wellness-themed credit cards for its customers for holistic wellness, and mental and physical well being. The bank has teamed with Aditya Birla Wellness Private Limited for this initiative. This initiative is called the ‘YES bank Wellness’ initiative and the bank has thus introduced the ‘YES bank wellness plus’ cards for its customers. The card benefits involve complementary health checkups, lifestyle benefits and also consultation with doctors.


The membership of the card is paid as Rs. 1,999 plus taxes and the renewal of the card is also Rs. 1,999 plus taxes every year. The card aims at the holistic wellness of customers and the customers can avail of this facility by using the Aditya Birla App. By logging into the app, customers can gain access to video consultations, health checkups and also fitness facilities such as personalized diet plans according to their needs.


Some of the key benefits of the card are –

        Complimentary annual preventive health checkups, annual eye and dental checkups

        Unlimited consultations with nutritionists, general practitioners and wellness experts

        Complimentary fitness sessions per month

        The fitness sessions involve Zumba, yoga and gym

        The card also provides a credit shield cover in case of accidental death of the primary cardholder

        Fuel surcharge waiver at the rate of one per cent on fuel stations for a transaction between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5,000.

        The interest rate is 3.5% per month. This interest rate is on revolving credit, cash advances and overdue amounts.

        The YES wellness card also provides reward points to customers

        The customers can earn up to 20 reward points on Rs. 200 spent on pharmaceutical stores or chemists

        The customers earn four reward points on any other category of purchases.


YES Bank also offers a ‘Wellness Plus’ card with features that are slightly different from the other yes bank credit card. Let us look at the features of this card –



        The wellness plus card offers more reward points on purchases from chemists and pharmaceutical companies. The reward points earned will be 30 for every purchase of Rs. 200 on the card.

        The cardholder will earn six reward points on every other purchase from the wellness card.

        The cardholder will also be entitled to 12 sessions per month for fitness which involves Zumba, yoga and gym.

        The requirements of the cardholder will be taken into account and the diet plans and consultations with nutritionists will be provided as per the customer’s goal

        The card also involves unlimited consultations with doctors and on-call discussions with doctors for any medical help.


Let us check the eligibility and the documentation process


        The individual must be between 21 to 60 years of age for availing of this card

        The individual can be salaried or self-employed

        The income requirements are a minimum salary of Rs. 25,000 per month or an Income Tax Return of Rs. 5,00,000

        The card is right now serviceable in the below cities

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai and Pune


The documents needed are given below


        Any proof of identity

        Any proof of address

        Any proof of income


The redemption of the card is also very hassle-free. It has a separate website for movie/flight/hotel bookings. It has an exclusive catalog of products and also the redemption of reward points against airlines.


Let us look at some of the pros and cons of these cards

        The minimum eligibility criteria are very basic

        The card has easy redemption options

        3% reward base rate

        Reward points can be redeemed for airlines

        The fee for the card might be a burden for some people as it is not cheap

        There are no discounts for any popular medical chain under this card

        No other benefits over popular categories


The reason for the introduction of this card is to look after the health and overall wellness of the customers for the bank. The value proposition of this card is huge and the customer segment it targets has been a victim of the recent pandemic thus the bank and Aditya Birla group have created a valuable product for its customers.


The new reality has hit the generation as they face homeschooling, working from home and limited scope of going outdoors. At such a time, taking care of your health is the topmost priority and these schemes and cards will help you make the health and fitness journey easier.


The card offers an in-studio wellness center that provides help related to the workouts and fitness needs of individuals. The personal touch it provides to the customers is a new initiative and concept which helps the customers to enjoy the card.

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