With the Power Apps low-code platform, create and optimize your processes


Microsoft Power Apps platform

In the Microsoft universe, you can create your own business applications and optimize your business processes with the low-code Microsoft Power Apps platform.

The development of the cloud, mobile networks and smart devices has naturally led to the explosion of mobile digital uses. Smartphones, tablets and other smart devices have become essential tools for salespeople, logistics managers and maintenance technicians.

In this context, more and more business departments are taking advantage of new mobile technologies, such as mobile and web applications to meet their specific needs. The advent of so-called low-code development platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Power Apps, allows them to:

*      Free yourself from the constraints of tedious manual programming,

*      Design their own business applications and optimize their processes.

If you haven’t taken this step yet, your competitors probably already have. So, let’s see how, using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can exploit the full potential of Microsoft Power Apps low code to create and optimize your business applications and increase your operational efficiency.

Quickly create your business applications with low-code platforms

In recent years, so-called “low code” application development platforms have made their debut. These are software programs that provide the user with a complete environment to build and optimize applications without writing code. They make it possible to avoid the development and/or the purchase of very expensive software.

Their user interfaces are more graphical and ergonomic than traditional development tools.

Low-code platforms are easier to learn for non-programmers. By non-programmers or non-technical, we mean collaborators who would be, for example, “super users” of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access because the development logic of these tools is very close to that of the low-code development platform. .

Business departments appreciate them because you don’t need to be an expert to create applications, optimize processes and integrate them with other systems. It is also a solution to remedy the problem of shortage of developers who are increasingly difficult to recruit.

Most IT experts recognize their effectiveness. Indeed, they divide by 4 the application development cycle. Their deployment is also simplified and faster.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, at least 50% of new enterprise applications will be created with high-productivity tools like low-code or even no-code development platforms.

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Introducing Power Apps

Power Apps, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application development platform:

Allows you to create native mobile and web business applications accessible from desktop computers, mobile devices and Windows, is and Android operating systems

Is designed to provide greater autonomy to non-technical users

Types and examples of business applications that Microsoft Power Apps allows you to develop

The market (competitors, customers, technologies, etc.) is constantly evolving. Digital uses are intensifying. Business departments must be reactive to these changes. Adapting work tools to mobility is a necessity.

With Microsoft Power Apps, intervene on mobile and web applications

Depending on your needs, objectives and means, you can choose between different types of applications. Here are the main ones: the mobile application, the web application.

With Microsoft Power Apps, develop business applications for mobile employees

Microsoft Power Apps gives you the opportunity to digitize and optimize the business processes of teams working remotely or in the field, with considerable productivity gains.

The benefits of mobile business applications

v  Reduced administrative processing time

v  Better targeted commercial actions

v  Optimized management of orders taken in the field

v  Improved quality of service

v  Increased productivity

v  Cost reduction through process optimization

v  Elimination of repetitive tasks with low added value

v  Secure access to information wherever you are

v  Improvement of the brand image of the organization

v  The Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps for Non-IT Pros & Developers

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