What are some of the best customer satisfaction call center solutions in India?


call center solutions in India

Complete call center solutions for superior customer service


From the first telephone call in 1876 to the billions of phone conversations that connect people every day, we’ve come a long way in terms of telecommunications.


However, not every phone conversation is always a pleasant contact. Remember when you tried calling a customer service number and were met with a painfully long hold time and an uninterested agent who recited his script in an almost robotic tone?


The issue’s essence is that, while phone assistance has improved over time, it is still light years away from matching customer expectations. A recent survey found that 75% of customers felt it takes too long to reach a live agent.


So, how can you go from “average” to “great” in your phone support operations using complete call center solutions.


This blog provides 5 approaches for making every support call count, from the first hello to the final goodbye using hosted call center solutions!


1. Personalize Every Call


In customer service, this facet is frequently disregarded. In many cases, this component – being on the front lines – allows you to provide a better client experience, earn more money, and extend your wings to the fullest.


Your incoming call center most likely handles hundreds of calls every day, and incorporating personalization into each contact may appear to be a difficult endeavor. When clients call your company, the last thing they want to hear is a robotic voice relaying generic messaging.


Before they say hello, it is critical to remember who is on the line.


Hosted call center solutions like a unified CRM can enable your agents to easily trace every bit of customer information from their phone number. Furthermore, repeating people’s names numerous times throughout a conversation can tip the scales in your favor.


Pro Tip: While most businesses send personalized emails or text messages, nothing matches the concept of contacting your clients to wish them happy birthdays or alert them about special deals.


2. Enhance First Call Resolution (FCR)


First Call Resolution

Improving FCR using hosted call center solutionslike intelligence call routing and virtual assistance is often regarded as one of the best call center techniques, and deservedly so. This critical indicator represents your team’s ability to resolve client issues or complaints the first time they contact you, without the need for extra follow-ups.


If a consumer has to contact your company multiple times for the same problem, you most likely have a broken support system.


You can begin by identifying similar concerns that you can resolve fairly immediately instead of those (some technical challenges) that may require more time to resolve. Also, strive to avoid call transfers, as each phone line switch diminishes consumer satisfaction significantly.


Pro Tip: If you want to improve the call center customer experience, you should try to lessen the customer workload. For example, you can initiate a call back when service is restored, or an appointment is set to avoid repeat calls from clients.

3. Optimize Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Interactive Voice Response


Consider how long your clients have to wait only to be connected with the wrong agent or department. This obvious error can certainly frustrate them even more. Leveraging cutting-edge technology andhosted call center solutions should be central to your customer experience strategy.


Optimizing hosted call center solutions like the IVR might put you ahead of your competitors in the support race.


An IVR is an automated speech system that greets callers and directs them to the relevant department. Aside from saving time, IVR gives a more professional impression and captures essential information that allows your support team to have a head start even before the call is connected.


Pro Tip: When your clients call you, you may use this advanced hosted call center solution to record personalized messages or greetings, so they know your company cares.


Also, you should limit the number of alternatives provided on IVR to a bare minimum since too many options can confuse any caller.

4. Train Your Support Team Regularly

Regular training


A customer support person unfamiliar with your products/services can significantly degrade the client experience. You cannot afford to let any inexperienced employee handle consumer calls; as the saying goes, half-knowledge is deadly.


Consistent and comprehensive training can be the key to improving customer service standards. Agents who have received proper training are up to date on industry changes, have increased skill sets, and serve consumers with the highest sensitivity.


Furthermore, training decreases the need to employ new talent because your current team can fill any existing skill shortages.


Pro Tip: Since most individuals now work remotely, you can use hosted call center solutions to train your employees from anywhere, at any time.


5. Prioritized Call Flow Management


Call Flow Management

You will undoubtedly receive calls from new and existing clients when your customer service number is live. However, if there is no effective system to control the call flow, everything might go wrong. Even a single hour of call volume can rip your hard-earned business reputation to bits.


Not every agent can be a master of all trades. While one agent may excel at inbound sales, the other may be skilled at resolving complex issues. A reliable, On Premises call center solution needs to be deployed to ensure that the appropriate calls are automatically routed to the agents who are most suited to manage them.


Pro Tip: Conduct regular call-management audits to identify bottlenecks. Calls that go to voicemail or are routed to the wrong department, for example, might be huge red flags.


When customers call your company, they want to be directed by a well-versed person who respects their time and is not afraid to empathize.


You must remember that a single interaction can make or break the experience for those on the receiving end. You can use the tactics listed above to improve the customer experience and make your clients fall in love with your assistance rather than flee from it.


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