Tips to identify your employee strengths

employee strengths


Employees are the backbone of a company. Especially, the salespeople are like an index that represents your company’s values and products to your clients. So, it is very important to understand them which helps your business growth. The strength of your business depends on the strengths of your employees.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” – Henry Ford. A company will have a diverse workforce. Every employee possesses unique abilities and weaknesses. To bring out their best in the work, the management should identify their strengths in advance. They are crucial for the proper everyday functioning of a company. Well, how to find out their strengths? Before we jump to the tips, let’s see what are the benefits of knowing the employee strengths.

Benefits Of Knowing Your Employee’s Strengths

● Clarity in work assignment – It will be easy for managers to allot appropriate work to their employees as they know about their abilities. Also, the employees will have a clear understanding of the work and a work plan ready.

● Good rapport with the clients – If the sales employees have a work plan in advance customized to the needs of a particular client, they also maintain a good relationship with them which helps in your business growth. Salespeople will maintain a clear communication flow between management and the clients.

● Increased productivity – The overall productivity of the employees will increase if they work on what they are good at. The management can expect better results if they know their employee’s strengths beforehand.

● Good time management – When the manager is sure of the work of the employees, there is a lesser need to monitor them continuously. He could concentrate on devising future plans for further business development.

● Improved employee engagement – On the whole, the employees will have work satisfaction and look forward to working with the company for a long time. They also show good commitment to their work.

To reap these benefits, it is important to know your employees first and then assign the appropriate work for them.

5 Tips On How To Identify The Strengths Of Your Employees

1. Communication Skills

Communication is a crucial factor to run a business. So make sure your salespeople are good communicators. Conduct frequent meetings and make them explain the product presentations. This will help you to know how well they know your company’s products and how precise they can explain them to the clients. Clients like someone who can cut to the point more than someone who builds castles in the air. The client must get a clear picture of the company’s products and services to make a deciding move.

2. Leadership

Check for their leadership skills. Notice how well an employee manages his subordinates and works along with his team. Getting that information from the team can help you to assign the right work that he is capable of. If the roles and responsibilities of the employee are clearly defined, he would be confident in his work. Give challenging tasks with a deadline and check whether they could complete them on time as a team. If you are a sales manager, you can manage your sales employees by Field force automation software easily to achieve your targets.

3. Discipline

Punctuality, discipline, and sincerity – if an employee shows all these qualities consistently at work, then you have hired the right person. For example, if a field sales employee reaches on time at the client’s place for a meeting and takes prompt efforts to get them on board it’s a win-win situation for both the company and the employee. Also, the way he treats and negotiates with the clients will have an impact on the client’s feedback. Both the new client acquisition and client retention are taken care of this way.

4. Appraisal Meetings

A company’s appraisal meeting is not only for rewards and criticism but also a great way to communicate with your employees. Show interest in their career. The more you listen to them, the more you know their strengths. Give them feedback on their performance and ask them about their expectations, clarify their doubts and encourage them to do well. Appreciation does have a positive impact on their work.

The management could also encourage the other talents of the employees by conducting fun, engaging activities to get to know them more personally. This will be refreshing and clear their mind blocks as well if any. Once they feel their needs are taken care of, they will show more enthusiasm toward work.

5. Work challenges

Challenge the employees by allotting them different types of work and observe how well they manage to adapt. Do this once in a while because frequent changes may result in unnecessary confusion. A new role also breaks the monotonicity of work. Problem-solving and decision-making qualities of the employees can be monitored and necessary changes can be implemented. For example, a sales employee can be encouraged to give suggestions and insights for making decisions in marketing

To sum up, identifying the strengths of the employees and taking proper measures to improve their skills help the management to upscale their productivity. By conducting skill development programs and training, the employees will learn new techniques and implement them. This will boost their confidence levels. Skilled labor is the key asset for any business. Follow the above tips and achieve the business goals together with your workforce.

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