Time to Know Your Commercial Wiring Needs an Overhaul


Commercial Wiring

How can you excel your business? Obviously taking the right decisions at the right time and recognising opportunities from a distance crucial in expanding any business. There is one more important thing that you should never ignore or divert away from if you want to keep your business growing ever and ever. Managing premises properly and maintaining those in excellent condition help any business grow in the right direction. While maintaining your business premise spic and span you should also care about its electrical wiring.

As we all know, electrical wirings are made to last easily for decades at a stretch. But at point of time or the other, it is bound to undergo normal wear and tear resulting in deterioration. How would you conclude that the wiring needs an overhaul? Here is a list of typical signs and symptoms of a damaged or faulty wiring. Whenever you notice any of the symptoms, call a registered electrician to solve the problem.

Signs and symptoms of damaged or faulty wiring

Constantly flickering or dimming lights – as a matter of fact, lights flicker and dim for a number of reasons. But most commonly the problem arises when a circuit is overloaded. Try to notice whether the flickering or dimming of light is more apparent when you run other appliances, especially those that consume heavy power or high voltage. If that is the case then probably a rewiring of the circuit is right on the cards. A qualified electrician knows how to check the current capacity of your wiring. If the professional detects a mismatch between the capacity and consumption of voltage in your circuit, he will take corrective measures to resolve the disparity.

Wiring that is physically damaged or undergone wear and tear – if your wiring has suffered from physical damage or wear and tear, then it is time to overhaul the wiring of your business premise. How do you know when a wiring is physically damaged? Typical signs include nicked, pinched and frayed signs on the wiring. If you see any such mark or symptom, you should understand that it is time to get fresh wiring for electrics system. Actually any exposed part of an electrical system is likely to create a safety hazard inside your premise – whether residential or commercial. Under such circumstances call a licensed electrician without delay and replace the damaged part with fresh and quality wiring.

Discoloured and scorch marks – you may come across scorch mark and discolouration around your electrical outlets. These are also a symptom that denotes the existing wiring has to be done with and fresh wiring is necessary. In this context let us discuss a little about electrical arcing. In addition to the scorch mark and discolouration, you may also come across ugly stains around switch plates. These marks bear evidence of electrical arcing. When electric current arcs, it lands on the plastic outlet and as a result the stain and the burning mark are formed.

Repeated tripping of circuit breaker – circuit breakers are a crucial component of your electrical installation. These components are meant to protect your property as well as appliances from electrical fire and damage. If a circuit breaker keeps tripping frequently, a damaged or faulty wiring could be its cause. A certified electrician can definitely troubleshoot the problem. Moreover they can even help improve the overall efficiency of your electrics as well as protect you from electrical fires and electric shocks.

Few words on electrical maintenance

Other than replacing a faulty or damaged wiring, you also need to care for proper maintenance of your electrical installation. Only then it is possible to avoid hazards like electric shocks and fires. For portable appliances you should conduct a visual check at routine intervals. You must stop using a equipment immediately under any of the following conditions –

·         The connector or plug is found to be damaged

·         Burn marks or scorch stains are present (suggest overheating)

·         Internal wires can be seen

In addition to the points mentioned above, if you come across a circumstance in which you see the cable of an appliance is joined with tape, then you should avoid it. This is also highly improper and potentially dangerous.

Make sure that every commercial repair must be carried out by a competent electrician. Do not endorse anyone who is unqualified or untrained to handle your electrics. You should run frequent checks on items that are more prone to get damaged. This list includes any portable electrical tool or equipment that is moved or used frequently. On the other hand equipment like a desktop computer is less likely to get damaged and hence, requires less frequent checks.

Last but nevertheless the least, trained and skilled electricians providing commercial wiring, suggest you must make sure that the plugs, cables, fittings and sockets are sufficiently robust and sturdy as well as properly protected for the respective working environment. Rather every machinery must have an easily accessible switch or isolate to completely cut off the power connection in times of unexpected emergency.

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