The Ultimate Guide To Keyword Mapping: The Basics and Beyond


Keyword Mapping

In this era of rapid digitalization, keeping up with the fast-paced competition is very challenging. This is even tougher for the website owners who continuously want their websites to rank higher on search engines. And the best way to boost web rankings is through the means of effective usage of keywords and keyword mapping.


Keywords and Keyword mapping are integral components of a Digital Marketing strategy. They are important for all promotional activities and thus must be integrated efficiently for the growth and success of a business.


If you are someone who is totally unaware of keywords and are wondering what exactly are the keywords, this article is just for you.


Through this blog, we are going to learn about keywords in detail and their importance in Digital Marketing.


So, let’s begin to have a better insight and understanding.



What are keywords

Keywords can be defined as the concepts or ideas that describe the subject matter of content which helps in conveying to the audience what the content is all about?


These are basically the words and phrases used by digital marketers to define or describe their products or services. Also, these are the words or phrases that an audience types into search engines to search for any particular topic.



Benefits of Keywords

The fundamental purpose of using keywords is to help improve the SERP rankings of any particular website and provide the target audience with relevant and useful content.


Keywords are considered very important from a business perspective as they help in effectively connecting with the people who are looking for relevant content online to meet their demand. You will find that every professional SEO course like seo training in Jaipur highly emphasizes keyword planning and mapping.


Listed below are the major advantages of using keywords


      Helps measure the effectiveness of SEO results

      More persuasive content

      A better-informed interlinking strategy

      Helps to find out the loopholes in content marketing strategy



What is Keyword Mapping?


Keyword mapping is the practice of allocating or mapping keywords to specific pages on a website based on keyword analysis. It is basically the process and technique used by organizations to determine the best keywords for the promotion of their products and services.


It is a kind of planning that helps an organization find particular keywords in their niche and choose where they should appear on your website.


Keyword mapping is an integral part of Content Marketing without which the content will have no meaning from the business perspective.


It is essential to keep a record of the keywords used in your content as it helps in determining the best places to a group and keep semantic keywords together. It also facilitates the copywriting process to become more effective.


Generating a keyword map helps an organization in many ways.


      It helps to keep everything organized.

      Helps in preventing keyword cannibalization

      Streamlining internal linking

      It boosts Content Marketing

      Keeps SEO activities on track

      Helps eliminate any kind of loopholes



What is Keyword Mapping in SEO?


The ultimate goal of a business is to improve its ranking on search engines by attracting more organic traffic to its site from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And the fundamental purpose of using keywords is to help improve the SERP rankings of any particular website and provide the target audience with relevant and useful content.


The keywords have a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization as the use of the right keywords can help you connect with the audience effectively and drive higher traffic. It also helps in boosting up the web rankings while on the contrary if you happen to choose the wrong keywords you would end up falling flat.


Keyword mapping is important because Google keeps improving its parameters and understanding of search intent and the appropriate subtopics required to satisfy search intent. You need to work on your keyword mapping and make it appear to Google where the page should rank for a specific term.


Based on the mapping process, one can then offer precise on-page SEO recommendations to assist make the page more relevant to the mapped keywords.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call keywords the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it will be totally impossible for any website to rank itself on the SERPs without using the keywords.



How to do Keyword Mapping?


Though the process of keyword page mapping takes a considerable amount of time it is pretty easy to do. Considering the many benefits it offers, it should be practised to keep your SEO activities on track.


Here are the steps to be followed for doing keyword mapping.


      Set up spreadsheet

      Conduct Keyword Research

      Build a list of target keywords

      Group the keywords according to the topics

      Map keywords to pages

      Craft content and publish

      Optimize your pages for the mapped keywords



Tools for Keyword Mapping


You can take the help of some popular keyword mapping tools to help improve  the SERP rankings of your website.


      Google Search Console

      Google Analytics


      Buzz Sumo






If you too are interested in learning keyword mapping at length, you can very well learn it by enrolling in a Digital Marketing course from any reputed digital marketing course in Jaipur which will help you gain a competitive edge to help your website rank higher on SERPs.




Creating a keyword map for your content is a wonderful method to keep things organized, avoid keyword cannibalization, and ensure your entire team is on the same page about what belongs on each page of your website.


Keyword mapping is a continuous process but a rewarding one that helps an organization in many ways. It is essential for improving the SERP rankings of a business website.

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