Submission Guidelines for Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog Posts


Point 1: Regardless of whether the post is about an Indian development, it must somehow be relevant to the Indian intellectual property environment.


Point 2: Posts that comment on current or recent developments in intellectual property are preferred. Posts that examine historical, intellectual property concerns or wider IP topics at a conceptual or macro level, on the other hand, are encouraged (although the review of topical posts will be prioritized).


Point 3: The issue must be relevant to the blog’s overall objective, which is to promote India’s more transparent, collaborative, and productive intellectual property and innovation eco-system. A public interest and transparency-related element must be present in the post; this must be proved, explained, or examined, to the degree possible, in the post.


Point 4: A new aspect, depth, or viewpoint must be introduced into an already-covered subject on the blog to be considered original. You may use this page to search our blog to see whether a certain subject has previously been addressed.


Point 5: The post must be analytical rather than just descriptive.


Point 6: It must be written in a blog style and in plain English that may be understood by those who are not technically literate in the subject matter.


Point 7: It should preferably be between 900 and 1200 words in length.


Point 8: It must have sub-headings to assist readers in navigating through the content efficiently and effectively.


Point 9: Citations must be provided in the text itself in the form of hyperlinks to the sources cited (and, if accessible, to the open-access version of the source). Footnotes should only be used for sources not readily accessible online, such as books or articles. In addition, the post should connect back to earlier postings wherever possible.


Point 10: It must be completely original and previously unpublished. It must not be submitted for publication anywhere else at the same time that it is submitted here.


Point 11: Personal, monetary, and other secondary interests should not be considered while conducting an impartial study of the issue/s under consideration. It is necessary to disclose any potential conflicts of interest if such a situation arises. It is necessary to declare this even if you are not representing or advising a client on or otherwise have an interest in the specific subject you are writing about. Still, you have regularly advised clients on comparable matters in the past, and you must do so in the article.


Point 12: You may send us your entries in Microsoft Word document format by emailing them at our email address with the subject line “Guest PostSubmission.” Please include the title of the post and a brief synopsis (1-2 lines) of the piece, and a brief biography of yourself in the body of the email. Please provide an image of yourself (in excellent quality and with a resolution of 230 × 230 pixels) if you would like it to be included with the article. We will publish your photograph along with the post.


Point 13: While you retain ownership of the copyright in your post, by submitting it to us for consideration for publication, you allow us the right to publish it anywhere in the world in any media for the duration of the copyright in your post. Your published posts will also be available for public re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License, which you agree to comply with. We retain ownership of all other rights connected to the postings and the website. Your postings and any other website use would be controlled by the website’s Terms & Conditions, apart from what has been stated above.


Point 14: We retain the right to edit submitted entries for grammar, use, and punctuation errors, as well as to make any changes to their titles, styles, and formats, as required, to ensure that they correspond to the editorial usage, format, and style of the blog before they are published.


Point 15: While we will make every effort to examine your application as quickly as possible, we cannot promise that it will be reviewed within a certain time limit. However, as previously stated, the assessment of postings about recent or current happenings will be given precedence over the review of other posts. Also, due to the enormous amount of submissions we’ve been getting, we may not be able to notice or answer each one individually in the future. If you do not get a response from us within 10 days, we are likely unable to proceed with your proposal after a preliminary evaluation.


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