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Rising startups has emerged out to be a significant facility for general public particularly nowadays. It is useful for people, society, country and economy as well. Even situations have turned the way that its advantages cannot be neglected anymore. But, unfortunately, we have not been able to do much in this area as people are not much aware about the new startups operating such as razorpay, upgrad and Apna. Apart from that, there are hundreds of other startups which should not be ignored.


Hiring remote jobs

There needs to be done a lot in this regard. Startups must be known to the general public so that they can make the best use of the facilities available in their surroundings. There are various startups which are especially available for remote jobs. GOREWO is the best platform of getting the remote job opportunities with the companies which go beyond the geographical boundaries. You will get golden opportunities here and will surely excel in that. If job in which you are applyingfor is as per your preference, it’s certain that you won’t let your employer down. Remote jobs are very useful for those people who want to start their career. Even the doors are open for women as well who want to start the same. The flexibility that remote jobs provide is far better than the in-office workers. Remote jobs surely contribute to the growth of the individual. However, to some extent, it also depends upon the kind of job you are doing. Obviously you won’t get above than the market price of a particular job. But, one must make sure that any partial distribution of salary among the office workers and remote workers doesn’t take place.


Despite these advantages and disadvantages there is lack of awareness and determination along with the core competency of the startups, win the interest of the public, lack of social existence on social media, make use of trending topics in the world, doing content marketing to gain attention of the public, create something for every age group, expanding the target audience. Concerned members have failed to pay the required attention as much as they should have. If they would have given extra attention over the advertising

and their target audience, then surely the picture would be different. They need to realise they are losing immense amount of profit which they can earn easily. Lack of techniques, initiatives and marketing strategies is one of the biggest reasons due to which people are not attracting towards these startups. They need to realise the seriousness of the matter first.


Immediate steps can be taken like proper use of social media in creating awareness, corecompetency of the startup which differentiate it from the other ones, content marketing, make use of trending topics of the world, create something for every age group so that the target audience gets expanded, spends enough amount on advertising and promotions, thinking of marketing

strategies for promoting it. Remote work is not that easy as it looks. The picture is completely different when you start working a job. Learning work online is a biggest task, because in office, there are various experienced colleagues present there which help you understand about the work and work culture as well. Whereas in remote work, the growth of an individual rises at a considerable rate in the beginning as you learn everything on your own. However, when an employee gets efficient in it, it’s a piece of cake for him/her.


GOREWO is a platform where you will find diverse remote jobs and you can apply to any job as per your preference. Not only growth, it also helps you spare out some precious time from your busy schedules and can focus on your health, spend valuable time with you friends and loved ones. Thanks to all the startups which are here for providing remote jobs for professionals as well as for those who want to start their career in any particular field. These Startups are like a boon to us especially in covid pandemic, almost all organisations have adopted work from home culture but there were few who ended up shutting down. Around 12 crores employees

have lost their jobs in pandemic which makes us realise the importance ofwork from home jobs. There are various advantages which are available to us are as follows:


– Decrease in Expenditure

Employees don’t have to travel to offices everyday when they are working in the remote mode. Not only expenditure, as we all know, TIME IS MONEY, along with money a lot of travelling time has been saved. This is a best benefit. In some places, People don’t get competitive salaries for the valuable work they have done. It’s quite monotonous for employee if he/she doesn’t get enough salary but has to travel 3 hours a day. Saving time and money would lead to increase in efficiency of the employee.


– Productivity

Working alone leads to an increase in productivity because there are highly technical or creative jobs which require high level of concentration which is not possible in full office time jobs. There are various unnecessary and unproductive movements taking place in the offices which create confusion only. Remote job helps you to concentrate on your work only as there is no fear of grapevines or unnecessary rumours which have a bad

psychological impact over the minds of employees. Sometimes, grapevines may also lead to employee turnover. In this sense, we may conclude that Remote jobs are beneficial in increasing productivity.


– Fresh Talent

As it is widely known that, the success of the startup is determined by its members. What if the startup operates in a remote mode? It is quite beneficial in its own way. As you are in remote mode, you can work for anyone from anywhere. You don’t have to restrict the recruitment of employees to a particular nation only if you have a pool of worldwide talent. You will be able to get the best employees for startup in a remote mode as compared to the full office time employees. It is because of the fact that Office members restrict the

recruitment of employees to some particular nation or location only. Gorewo is a best place for you. If you want to work online, you can earn evem in pounds and dollars. You can work from anywhere in the world for anyone.


Gorewo is here to help you achieve your passion and skills. Sitting at home but still not doing productive is the worst mistake you are doing in this competitive world. The world which is full of high competition,

sitting idle at home would no longer give you a fruitful result. Moreover, startups hiring remote jobs like Cameo, Gravy and outreach should come forward to promote their startup in media like newspapers, magazines and televisions and must play an active role by spreading awareness among the general public. All the efforts need to be coordinated the way that required end results can be achieved as soon as possible. This fact must never be forgotten that nothing is impossible if one takes strong determination once. New and Effective Startups can no longer be ignored. It is all upon us to realise what time and conditions want from us and act according to it. Only then, things would be better, one can achieve the required results and can

hope for the best.

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