Rupin Pass Trek: A Beautiful Valley Adventure


Rupin Pass Trek



Known for climbing 15,250 feet, the Rupin Pass hike offers excitement and thrills for the adventurous. The scenic hike begins and ends at the “Land of the Gods”, which includes Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. So naturally, the pristine beauty of this trip’s picturesque landscape is pure bliss for those who love encounters with nature.


On this adventure, hikers have the chance to pass through rustic villages, verdant grasslands, suspension bridges, dense forests, beautiful rivers as well as fast-flowing streams and waterfalls.


             Pass by two stunning Himalayan villages, including Jhanka and Mori, perched on top of a hill

             Hike through the dense oak, pine, and azalea forests of Govind. National Park

             Witness the exotic sights of rare Himalayan flora and fauna

             Discover the culture and traditions of the mountain people

             Crossing suspension bridges and snow bridges increases the excitement and hikers can feel the adrenaline rush

             Waterfalls from such a height will make you feel like the almighty is pouring holy water from the blue sky

             Pray at Kinnaur and Pokhu Devta Temples, located at the confluence of the Rupin and Supin. rivers

             Bask in the enchanting beauty of high Kailash Peak and snow-capped mountains


Here’s what you should pack.


             Climbing shoes / climbing sticks

             Warm clothes / mosquito repellent

             Flashlight / LED headlight with backup battery

             Add a pair of socks/raincoat/wool gloves

             Sunscreen / sunglasses / lip balm

             Bottle of water/energy drink and bar/emergency medical kit


 ATM Facility and Mobile Connection: In case someone runs out of money on their way to Dhaula from Dehradun, there is a place called Purola that has an ATM. Mobile networks of BSNL, Vodafone, and Airtel are only available in three locations: Dhaula, Jiskun, and Sangla. 

 Porter and Pony Facility: Horse and porter facilities are available in Dhaula and even in some other spots that you will come across during your expedition. You can enjoy this service for a reasonable price and all your luggage will be carried by porters and ponies. Plus, it will help you maintain a good speed at high altitudes. Required Documents: Hikers must bring identification, such as a driver’s license or voter ID card, a passport with a photo, and a medical certificate certifying fitness for hiking. In addition, a certificate not responsible for attesting to voluntary participation in the Col de Rupin expedition is required.



Some tips for a successful Rupin Pass trip


             Always heed the instructor’s advice 

             Avoid drinking alcohol and other intoxicants during the trip

             Never take a shortcut and don’t start hiking after sunset

             Do not dirty the beautiful site and respect the nature

             Take as many pictures as possible.

             Appreciate the culture and traditions of the locals, greet them with a smile

             Don’t try to compete with other hikers, just set your own pace.


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