Paul Bernon and Sam Slater



Paul Bernon and Sam Slater

Paul Bernon and Sam Slater are people who focus on what they do best. That's filmmaking. They like to make movies, but their main focus is making movies that tell a story well. And that's what they do best.

Their latest picture, "The White Room," is a film that tells the story of a young boy who has to deal with his father's death. The film was released in early March and had been receiving favorable reviews from audiences and critics alike.

The film stars Kevin Gage as the lead character, Jake, and Michael Paré as his father. Jake's father dies after a car accident, leaving him responsible for taking care of his mother and little sister. He struggles with this new reality while trying to make sense of things while dealing with his grief over his father's death.

Bernon said that shooting "The White Room" was challenging because it was very different from what they had done before. But they also found it rewarding because they had fun making it just as much as audiences will have fun watching it when it hits theaters this summer.

Bernon grew up in Lowell and attended Harvard University. After graduating, he decided to get back into the film industry after a long break. He joined forces with Slater, and they began writing scripts together.

"I've known Sam Slater since high school,"Paul Bernon said. "We became friends when we were in our early 20s and we both discovered that we were interested in making movies. We started writing together and have been working together on scripts ever since."

Bernon said that he has always been interested in filmmaking but hadn't considered it a career until he met Slater. He said that it was then that he knew filmmaking was what he wanted to do for a living.

Sam Slater Grew

Slater grew up in Brookline and graduated from Bates College, where he majored in English and minored in film production before moving on to Harvard Law School. When he graduated, he decided to move back home to Brookline, where his parents still live closer to his family in Lowell. He also wanted to be closer to his friends and Boston, where he got his start as a filmmaker.

"I started out as a filmmaker on the side," Slater said. "I was working on other projects but I had always been interested in making movies. I was in the film program at Bates and I met Sam Slater at Harvard Law School and we became friends. We both started writing together and we realized that it was something we really enjoyed doing together, so we decided to focus our writing on screenplays instead of just working on other projects together."

Slater said he enjoys filmmaking because it allows him to tell stories in whatever way he wants them told. He said that filmmaking allows him to be creative with his ideas and explore new things that he didn't think of before when making films.

Slater said that shooting "The White Room" was difficult because they tried something different and unique. He said that he and Bernon tried to think of a different story compared to other films they had written.

"I think Sam Slater and I are very different writers," Slater said. "Sam Slater is a little more serious than I am, but we both like to tell stories in our own way. We both came into this wanting to tell stories in a way that we hadn't seen them before. We wanted something that was different from what other people had done before. That was the goal for this project and it worked well for us because people often don't expect things like this when they go see it at the movies because they don't realize what kind of movie it is or the type of movie we are really trying to make here."


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