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MEM in Canada

Out of all master's programs abroad, engineering is one of the most popular ones. Especially nowadays, Master in Engineering Management (MEM) has taken a significant rise as students worldwide are targeting courses under this program. However, an engineering degree infused with management is quite a catch. It won't only allow you to work sincerely in our favourite engineering sector but also in administrative and managerial roles. After graduating, an excellent job in a good position is all a student hopes for.


However, Doing a MEM course in a country like Canada isn't a piece of cake. Along with eligibility and admission procedure, finance is a big concern. Middle-class students can't afford to apply to the best engineering institutes in Canada for a MEM degree. Therefore, come scholarships to aid you with your budget.

Why Consider Canada for MEM

Canada is considered one of if not the best destination for STEM courses globally. Along with that, the country packs many excellent engineering schools. Names like McGill University and the University of British Columbia (UBC) are a few examples. These universities have world-class engineering schools with superb academics and infrastructure. Programs like MEM are spread all over Canada and provide excellent post-grad options.


In terms of quality and research in engineering courses, industrial involvement and careers, Canada ranks among the top countries worldwide. Alongside that, the country is highly welcoming to international students. You will see that the visa and immigration in Canada are not as complex as in other countries. Plus, Canadian universities offer tons of new scholarships for international students. So you can get all in Canada, good universities, good courses, a good environment and good scholarships to help you a little.


Did you know that Canada is considered the best investment for your future? Compared to other top names like the USA and UK, Canada is cheaper. However, the universities there don't lack earning potential in any manner. These features make Canada a significant country for high return on investments (ROI).

Top 5 Scholarships for MEM in Canada

There are more than enough scholarship programs for doing an engineering course in Canada. Especially in a country with a significant focus on engineering programs, you got all options. For example, not just government and university-funded, you also get many private scholarships offered by firms and companies in Canada.


Here is a list of the top 5 scholarships in Canada for MEM:

Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships

For the research courses related to Nanotechnology, Omics or Communication Technology and Information (ICT), the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships is a name to consider. If you plan to enrol in thesis-based full-time engineering programs, you can apply for this scholarship for specific areas. The total financial aid of this scholarship can reach over $26,000, applicable for up to two years. It is open to all interested students from every nationality.


Application deadline: November (every year)

Canada Graduate Scholarships

Canada Graduate Scholarships, more commonly known as CGS - M, is a viral scholarship in Canada. The scholarship is particularly applicable for students planning to pursue engineering (and a few more subject) courses in Canadian universities with CGS - M allocation. The Canada Graduate Scholarships can support upto $17,500 for upto a year. This particular scholarship can support upto 2,500 students each year. With a scholarship valued this high, it is one of the favourites among engineering aspirants.


Application deadline: December (each year)

Devani Charities Graduate Engineering Entrance Scholarship

The Devani Charities Graduate Scholarship is also one of the notable names in Canadian scholarship for engineering-related courses. Suppose you plan a full-time thesis-based master's program in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo. The scholarship funds an amount of $1,500. Many international students (Especially Indians) apply to the University of Waterloo for engineering-related courses. The university is widely famous for its engineering programs globally.

Application deadline: Not available

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Ontario Graduate Scholarship is the most popular scholarship program in Canada for engineering aspirants. This one is jointly managed by the Ontario government and publicly-assisted universities there. The goal of the scholarship is to promote higher studies better and more accessible across many disciplines. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is merit-based that can be taken up for a minimum of two terms or three terms. Per terms are restricted to $5,000). Based on your time with your course, you can estimate your funding.


Application deadline: October (every year)

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Manitoba is a broadly targeted university for engineering courses. The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship is a merit-based program awarded to exceptional students with higher grades. If you are a bright student looking for a world-class university for a course in MEM, this scholarship is your answer. With a whopping value of $14,000, the scholarship is open to Indian students wishing to do graduate and doctoral courses in engineering there.


Application deadline: March (every year)



Scholarships are a great way to manage your finances. Even if you do not secure a top one, it's always better to have some relief. The candidates selected for each scholarship are based on various criteria. Hence, it would be best if you started working on things that matter. Start building a solid profile to get the absolute best scholarships for your MEM in Canada.

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