How To Update Your Wardrobe When You Become Pregnant



It might sound silly to others but most soon to be moms are still concerned about their wardrobe (among other things). Of course, dressing up cutely (for the tons of expected photoshoots) and comfortably is necessary. Because of the growing belly, some mommies are thinking if they should replace their entire wardrobe and if it is still possible for them to be fashionable.

Fortunately, pregnant mommies to be could still be fashionable and comfortable without having to throw their old clothes and buy new ones (not all of us could afford it). The trick to is to just work around your ever-changing body and being creative with the clothes you already have.

Make use of what you already have

Unless you truly want to and you have the extra resources for it, you don’t need to rush to the mall for a shopping spree. However, you are not required to spend a lot of money to make changes to your weekly wardrobe to accommodate your pregnancy. Pieces that you already have can simply be incorporated into your new pregnancy wardrobe. In fact, the majority of your apparel can be worn during your pregnancy.

Comfortable footwear

Your feet and ankles will most probably begin to swell as the months pass. This can be a major source of discomfort, so pick your shoes carefully. Wear shoes that fit properly and are not too tight to keep circulation healthy and flowing. Your feet and ankles must be well-supported. You don’t have to wear geriatric orthopaedic shoes; simply put on your most comfy and attractive ones.

Wear your workout clothes (even if you are not working out)

You’ll be thankful for comfortable training attire as your belly grows. Yoga trousers and leggings with a lot of stretch are very useful. They’re comfortable now and could still accommodate you in a few months. If you have a favourite pair of black workout leggings, you can always go for them when regular pants become too tight.

Partner your workout leggings with flowy tops

Flowy shirts are going to be your best buddy along with your leggings. You can wear them at any stage of your pregnancy and still look stylish. Plus, you would feel more comfortable since your belly is not being smooshed. Just put on a lovely flowy shirt and black booties and you are ready for a night out.

Only buy items that will grow with you

If you really must buy and your closet is already lacking in wearable clothes for your bigger belly, only buy items that will grow with you. Don’t buy anything that you’ll only wear for a week or two. Be smart when buying maternity clothes and if you can, buy discounted.

You could purchase a good deal of maternity clothes online Australia has many sites like this. Consider incorporating wrap dresses into your wardrobe. They are not only extremely attractive, but they also provide excellent support for growing bellies.

When dressing up, always go for comfort. You may not feel comfortable with all the pregnancy pains, but at the very least, your clothes should be comfortable. Wear whatever you want and remember that just because you are expecting, you could not dress up how you used to be before.

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