How to improve writing skills?


writing skills

This is a concern of many people who are learning English that they know how to speak some sentences, but when it comes to writing it, they have a doubt in their minds regarding the punctuation rules and many other rules of English grammarthat you might have ignored when they were being taught in your school time. If there is a similar case with you too, this article is worth reading. Here we are going to discuss what you need to improve writing skills in English language and how much time you would require to do so.

What do you require for working on your writing skills?

Basically, you do not need a hefty knowledge of English grammar to begin with. However, if you wish to take it to the advanced level, you can go through the advanced English grammar books that will help you with the rarest of the cases that are exceptional in English language. If you just want to work on your writing skills so as they help you with your official writings like emails, invitations for meets, etc. in  your professional career, you should consider this Professional English course that will help you with the basic requirements of professional job skills. If you just wish to upgrade your writing skills to get better marks in your academics, you do not need anything more than just a book of English grammar and a notebook to practice with, but before diving right into the book of English grammar, you should know that grammar is vast. You cannot learn everything at once or even use all what you learn at once.


English Grammar is huge; can be divided into three parts

This might be something that will help you in the journey throughout. You might be a person who likes to learn the rules of English grammar and most of the times, remember all of them, but that is a really rare case to be practical in real life. So, here is something that I found is common with all the users and would be easy for most of them to comprehend and inculcate to learn English writing and upgrade their skills. English writing can be divided into three basic parts that are as follows;


This consists of all the symbols and their meanings and where to use them for getting the most out of them. If you wish to end a complete sentence, use a full stop symbolized (.) and when a sentence talks about a list, or some reference is given about a number of things you have to end the sentence you should use colon symbolized {:} These are basic rules of writing English language that are not quite in use nowadays, as most of the people like to use easy to read and write English that consists of full stops and commas, and sometimes, semicolons {;}

Parts of speech

These are the basic parts of any sentence that you would find anywhere. There are nouns, verbs, etc. In all the sentences and every word in a sentence is any one of all of them.

Noun: Nouns are basically the names given to the objects that we see all around us.

Pronoun: Pronouns are the easily written words that are used in place of a noun in order to not repeat a noun over and over again to make a sentence sound odd.

Verb: Verbs are basically actions or the words that link the main subject to the actions so that it is easy for others to understand the tense of the sentence.

Adjective: It is used to show the quality of any person or any object. It can be used in various ways that you can learn from any book of English grammar.

Adverb: It is a word that describes how an action takes place. It can change the effectiveness of the action that is done by the person.

Conjunction: It is a set of words that are used to join two or more sentences, phrases, words in order to provide a sense.

There are other parts of speech also that you can learn about with the reference of any high school level grammar book. 


Transformation is all about learning to say the same thing in different ways; Active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, all are about saying the same thing, but in a different way.


These are the only things that you need to work on if you wish to take your writing skills to a different level. All you need is the basic knowledge of their usage.

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